Tuesday, 29 November 2011


The good folks over at Philofaxy are setting up an archive of pictures of all the filofaxes in the universe, including interior shots. I have added pictures of my Portland, mini Baroque, personal Baroques, pocket Cavendish and A5 Finchleys (though, of course, not a purple one!). I figured that there would be enough other pictures of dominoes to not put pictures of mine up.
However, in doing this, I was at one point surrounded by filofaxes as I sat here sorting out what tags and descriptions to do, inhaling a lovely leather smell. The downside of this was that I started havering over whether I could move into my pocket Cavendish or not (before re-reading my decision from earlier and deciding I still agreed with everything I had said there!).
The upside was, I was cured of my Malden curiosity, as I realised that the two main types of filofax I would prefer to have if I were ever to move out of the Baroques would be a personal Portland (in hopefully a nice colour) or a personal Cavendish.


  1. Thx. Newbie here. Going to check out the pictures. My new blank FiloFax is wanting me to hurry up!

  2. @Healthier and Wealthier
    Welcome! What kind of filofax is it? Hope you enjoy using it.

  3. Hi Amanda, you know Skhen has a personal Cavendish in navy for sale on adspot at the mo? :)

  4. @TPS
    Sadly, I found out just after I put a bid on one on eBay (and have now won). It's black not navy and I would have preferred to support Philofaxy.
    I'll blog on it when it arrives.
    Thanks for letting me know though.