Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cavendish filofaxes are like buses...!

I don’t know, I wait ages for a personal sized Cavendish to come along and then four do! There’s one on Philofaxy in the AdSpot, which I didn’t see until after I had put a bid on one on eBay. The one on eBay was a bit battered and so when another, unused one came along I put a bid on that too, thinking I could always sell the first if I won both.

Well, b****er me if I didn’t go and win them both!

[There was a another one appear on eBay (which went unsold and has now been relisted).]
So, what’s a girl woman to do with two Cavendishes?? Well, the one that arrived first could do with a little bit of TLC (I wouldn’t have put as big a bid on if I had seen any of the others but I have been waiting for a Cavendish filofax for ages!) – it has been “used but not abused” according to its previous owner (and I would concur). Nothing a bit of leather cream won’t sort out – just a few scuffs and so on. Once I have given it some TLC I will sell it.

As for the other, assuming it is “as new” when it arrives, I will try and hold off moving into it until I break for the Christmas holiday.

“Hang on,” some of you might be crying, “What about the baroque? You know, the one you eschewed the Malden for? The one you have just about claimed undying love for?? The style you already have two of???”

Well, I still adore the baroques and will probably rotate through the Cavendish, the pink baroque and the turquoise/teal baroque. But, why have I wanted a Cavendish so much?

It has 30mm rings! In a personal!

That’s why.

I use my day-to-day filofax for everything – wallet, notes, diary, goals, address book, lists, everything (ooh… sounding a teensy bit like Gary Oldman in ‘Leon’…). And although the baroque isn’t creaking at the seams, that’s because at the moment I only have three months of diary (WO2P) in there when really, I would like to have until June 2012 in there. With all that extra ring-size I should be able to fit in all the diary I could ever want.

Oh, and did I mention that it also has two pen loops?

The interior/exterior layout is great for me too – on the inside left-hand cover it has 8 credit card slots and a full-height pocket behind; on the back inside cover it has two pockets – one full height and one part height. On the back (exterior) is has a zipped pocket. Since I use my filofax as a wallet as well as an organiser, to have so many credit card slots is excellent, and the exterior zipped pocket is really useful for change. I’m also really picky about my credit card slots and don’t like the ones that are just cut into the strip of leather – I want them with a bound edge (which is how the Cavendish is).
I have actually been coming to the conclusion that the older models (such as the Cavendish and Portland) are much better designed (for me). Of course, if you don’t want a zillion card slots and pockets and what-nots they are probably over-designed.


It has 30mm rings guys!!! 

Hands up those of you who wouldn’t cope with a bit more wiggle-room in your filofax?

Mmm. As I thought.

[Post with pictures will come soon.]
[p.s. Steve, the Filofax God has pointed out that my original claims of 33mm rings is the external diameter and I should really say the rings are 30mm as this is the internal diameter. They are still huge!]


  1. Ooh . looking forward to seeing the pics :o)

  2. I will post pics and an update at the weekend! Promise!

  3. Sorry for the confusion over ring sizes, I wasn't referring to you in my comment today.

    I've had a few emails this week from a couple of people asking about ring sizes... some very odd sizes until I pointed out that they should be measuring the internal diameter not the outside diameter!!

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  5. I can't blame you. I just got this well loved one off of eBay: The pocket layout is perfect and the giant rings are fantastic!

  6. @Helz
    Hope you enjoy your Cavendish. My slightly less pristine one looks very similar to the one you bought.

  7. BTW I'm hoping to 'move in' to it tomorrow so will be posting pics soon.

  8. I know this is an old post, but I just discovered the Cavendish and have been doing some browsing around about them. Would totally love one!