Sunday, 16 October 2016

I want this TN!

It's another Traveller's Notebook cover by Mike at Meadowgate Leather. The one I want is an Oakleaf Traveller's Journal (click here to see it on Etsy), which has no interior pockets or anything, but is made of two layers of leather: the exterior is the same thick leather that's used on the other Traveller's Notebooks in their range; the lining is a soft pig-skin and the two are hand-stitched with saddle-stitch around the outside.

Exterior of the Oakleaf TN
Image from Meadowgate Leather, with permission

Interior of the Oakleaf TN
Image from Meadowgate Leather, with permission

As with all the other TNs by Meadowgate Leather, there are lots of options to choose from. I'm fairly sure I will be ordering an A5 in undyed leather, with a pen-loop (facing inwards), elastic colour in navy, ultra-max overhang, no name-tag, with the maker's stamp on the reverse, and the stitching in either beige or a light brown.

Hang on, some of you might be thinking, "Haven't you got a few TNs already?? Why do you need another?"

Well, any of you thinking that, can go away!

I just want one. That's more than enough of a reason isn't it??

Why in undyed? There are fabulous colours available on the listing. In all honesty, I could happily have several, across the colour range, but I'm especially wanting undyed. One of my good friends, Stuart (see his website here) got a TN from Meadowgate Leather in undyed and the colour change in it has been fantastic. He's promised me pictures to share with you to show the change of colour over time. At the moment is is a similar colour to golden syrup! The other example of how undyed leather changes with time is on Janet Carr's excellent blog where she showed how the leather changed over time in a Filofax-style binder (see here for one of the posts on how the leather changed). I'm wanting to have this TN as a writing notebook (hence the A5 size) and I want to see how the colour will change over the years.

I suspect I will be ordering it soon! Keep you all posted!