Sunday, 1 September 2019

I've bought my 2020 planner...

... and no major surprises but it's by Box Clever Press again and is the 2020 version of the diary/planner I've been using all through 2019.

Last year, I found the perfect layout and planner for me and I was worried that either the company wouldn't make it again or would fiddle with it so that it was no longer just right. I'm delighted they haven't!

So, why is it so perfect for me? As I said last year, I have a LONG list of 'must-haves'. I need a diary that:
  • is about A5 size
  • has a week to a view with the days in vertical columns (so I can time-box)
  • has equal sized columns for Saturday and Sunday (my life isn't less busy, just because it's a weekend!)
  • has the week starting on a Monday (who in their right minds splits the weekend so that it bookends the week? It's a weekend)
  • has space to list tasks for the week
  • preferably also has space to list Most Important Tasks for each day
  • would help me with planning my week/month/year
  • preferably is pretty/attractive because I have neither the time nor talent to do it myself but like the look of them
  • will lie flat on the desk
  • preferably has 2 ribbon markers, but at least one
The Box Clever Enjoy Every Day A5 diary ticks all the boxes. Yep. Every single one! Here's a (picture-heavy) walk-through...