Saturday, 3 September 2011

Personal or Pocket... the decision

Well, the pocket Cavendish has arrived and it is lovely. It’s black and professional looking (more professional looking than the pink Baroque!). It has four credit-card slots on the inside left with a full-height pocket behind and a full-height pocket on the inside right cover. Along the back is a space for paper money. On the back there is a zipped pocket for coins.

the pocket Cavendish

inside left view
inside right view

top view
So far, so good – pretty much an ideal layout really.

But… will I move into it?


I did a quick totting up of how many sheets it would need to be able to hold and it looks like 21 divider-thickness sheets (6 dividers, 9 A-Z, a top-opening envelope, a zip-lock envelope, 2 credit-card holders and 2 checklists for my weekly and monthly reviews) plus 153 sheets of paper. At a push I could get away with 125 sheets.

It arrived with 9 A-Z dividers and about 55 sheets of blank paper and does seem about half empty. I think the ‘make-or-break’ aspect will not be the number of sheets I can carry in it, but, as I suspected, the number of cards I want to carry. I carry 4 bank/credit cards (which would transfer very nicely to the 4 slots on the inside left) but then I also carry another 6 cards in a card holder at the back of the Baroque – three on each side of a single holder.
The pocket filofax is too narrow side-to-side to be able to carry cards in landscape-mode, which means they all have to go in vertically. I’ve done a quick hack and using an old card holder (little slip cases) they can be jammed in that and then into either the front vertical pocket or the rear vertical pocket, which works, but is a bit bulky.

first attempt at putting the extra cards in

Then I tried a card wallet, turned sideways in and that worked reasonably well except it interfered with the rings, so it wasn't going to work.

Anyway, I then started to tot up how much converting to the pocket will cost (bearing in mind I have already bought WO2P and DPP inserts in personal size for 2012). Scouring a number of different places for the cheapest possible ways of getting:
A top opening envelope
A zip-lock envelope
A set of dividers
100 sheets of notepaper
A WO2P diary
A DPP diary
Address sheets

To my amazement it came to about £25. Now, buying the organiser was less than £12 and I am cavilling more than somewhat at buying all the stuff to go in it when I already have stuff for next year.

So… my decision is to hang on to it, keep it all nice and tidy in a drawer and think about this again in a year when I need to buy next year’s inserts!

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