Monday, 7 November 2011

Still having divider angst...

I’m still not happy with my dividers! I felt the grey on its own was too dark (although I think it looks nice with the pink baroque) so I ordered some pearlescent ivory card, except it wasn’t really pearlescent enough for me (and just looks cream) so I will give that to my mum for her card-making. The teal ones are still in there and the grey ones have been moved to the pink baroque.

Dividers not actually in but they seem a bit dark and dull...
They look better in the pink
I’ve been haunting the card section of eBay (there being no good craft shops in my near vicinity that I have time to get to) but I’m just not seeing what I want. Half of the problem is that I don’t really know what I want (but I will when I see it!) and there are a gazillion card suppliers on eBay so either I will spend my entire life trawling through all the pages or I’ll have to do a more refined search (see earlier comment about not knowing what I want. Grr…).
Anyway, after reading through Minnie’s post on her blog about tabs, I wondered if stickers might be the answer… so I have ordered some nice silver peel-offs to try and brighten up the grey dividers. I’ve never used peel-offs before so any hints and tips would be gratefully received! I’m not going to try anything more fancy than peeling them off and sticking them on the divider (no colouring in or anything else artistic!).
Pictures once the stickers are here and I’ve done my worst!


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  2. Darn not being able to edit comments! :) For some reason this and a couple of others are the only posts on your blog that I've been able to see for the last week. Has the blog been made private? I'm tantalised by a story in my news feed about your new DK dividers but can't access the page :)

  3. I don't know what's happening... I can see it all fine, without needing to log in, but a couple of people have said they can't see things. Don't know what to suggest... I haven't changed any settings or anything.
    Can you see any old posts when you click on them on the sidebar?

  4. Still showing up fine here - the mysteries of Teh Interweb.....
    Rabbit, perhaps try clearing your browser's cache?

  5. First of all I wanted to say how much I have LOVED the idea of the Baroque and always wondered what they feel like! I've only ever seen them online and wish they were available anywhere near by! and you have them in the two most beautiful colours I thought and I still cannot decide which I love more!! As for the tabs I agree they do look too dark in the aqua(?) one.. sorry I just don't know what peel-offs are but can't wait to see what you do with your tabs and find out what they are:)

    And I can't see one of your posts either :( one about tabs..

  6. The peel offs look really great. I'd never heard of them before either. I'll publish a post tomorrow.
    @Minnie - which post about tabs can't you see?
    I don't know why only one post is showing on the home page because it's set to show them up to 30 days! Hmm. Any suggestions anyone?

  7. @Minnie: Baroque is so soft and lush; truly a tactile Filo!

    @Amanda: Maybe a lighter silver would work, with subtle vine designs to echo the pattern of the Baroque? This particular shade of turquoise is unique; it's not as happy!happy!happy! turquoise as the Finchley or Finsbury, but more like a serene happy...contented turquoise!

    Is there a Michael's store near you? If there is, I highly recommend it.It's a good place for crafts.

  8. @UNchecked other
    Sadly, no, I've not come across a Michael's (I live in Scotland... are they UK/US/worldwide?) And you're absolutely right about the colour of the turquoise - it really is a fabulous colour.
    Now that I've got the peel-offs on the dividers (see "Divider angst turns to divider heaven post") I'm pretty happy with them. They just needed that little 'something'. That said, I'll still be cruising card stocks etc 'just in case'!