Friday, 11 November 2011

Divider-angst turns to divider-heaven

Ooh... and this is my 50th post!

Well, the stickers came really quickly. They were from djcrafts on eBay UK and I ordered them at the weekend and they arrived Tuesday, sent by first class post.
I’ve never used peel-offs before so I was a bit unsure and when I put the dividers next to the stickers I thought it was going to be a bit of a tight fit and quite tricky to get the sticker on the divider without it covering the holes or hanging off the sides!
I bought three pack of stickers – one of elephants and two of flowers. The flower sets had two identical stickers in each pack and I used one from each. I used all three elephants. It was quite tricky to get them so that they didn’t cover the holes of hang off the sides!
Anyway… taa daa!!! This is the result:

Sorry about the flash glare...
I have to say that I am really pleased with them and so the dividers have made it from the (unused) pink baroque, back into the turquoise one (and will still look fab in the pink one when I swap back in the spring).

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  1. Oh my, these look great!!! I may have to steal this idea when I get round to making my dividers :o) LJx