Monday, 14 November 2011

Purple Finchley A5...

Oh dear. Those good enabling folks over at Philofaxy have done it again... Swedish sale... 90 kroner... A5 purple Finchley...
I succumbed.

I bought an A5 purple Finchley, and some side-opening plastic pockets for the personal (not seen them in the UK) which I'll use to put vouchers in, in my baroque. (As you will have seen from previous posts, they currently just get stuffed in the credit card pockets and are all crumpled and it's impossible to work out what they are all for!)

I'm kind of hoping that it will have neat inserts like the Danish ones did.

Pictures as soon as they arrive!


  1. Fabulous!!! I'm running out of email addresses to use, I use my work one for FF UK, my personal one for FF Germany, one of my work colleagues ones for Denmark, and now I may have to use yet another persons email account as I'm not sure I can resist :-)

  2. I tried to resist too! still am.... for now! but i am gonna go look at those side opening pockets u mentioned... just 'look'....

    @LJ why are you using different email accounts? the different filofax websites allow you to use your same account for their multiple locations, u just have to agree and set it up with the same one..i'm using my same email for many of them.. :)

  3. Oh... just got an email to say they were sold out. I've asked them to cancel all of the order (as the P+P for just the side-opening envelopes was too much).

  4. I've had the Out of Stock email for the A5 Finchley too but I didn't order until 9.50pm UK time.

  5. @Minnie - how do you get that to work. Mine seem to say that the address is already registered at a different FF site and therefore I can't have it (although they may not actually have said that - it could just be my poor translation skills... will try again with the next sale that I see) :-)