Sunday, 27 November 2011

Still no Finchley in purple...

Well, I saw an A5 purple Finchley (binder only) on eBay and wondered whether I would finally get one... I don't really need one. I have a jade green Finchley (A5) which I use at work but it's seeming a bit insipid. I used to love the colour but now I want something a bit more vibrant I think.
Anyway, I put my bid on, but got pipped at the post so I am still not the owner of a purple Finchley (and I really don't need one enough to get one in the 50% off sale...).

I'm still miffed that people who seemed to order after me in the Swedish sale got their order but mine wasn't fulfilled. I'm happy for them - don't get me wrong - but miffed that I didn't get mine!

The other question is... do I get a crimson Malden? No, I don't need one, and I have always said I'm happy with my Baroques (which I am!)... but will some of me feel like I "missed out" if they go and I haven't bought one?


  1. this made me lol. I feel exactly the same about the A5 finchley, and also put a bid on the one on ebay (only the one).I missed out on Sweden one, and the rose on the German sale. What size crimson malden are you contemplating getting?

  2. I missed the A5 Finchley too, but I have one already in vintage rose, and a personal in the purple so should try to control my urges more. However, I have got the Malden personal in crimson, and it is gorgeous :-)

  3. Amanda, I know you are "miffed", and I'm sorry you didn't get your finchley. Not to rub it in but I must tell you that it's lovely. I didn't like it when I saw it in the shop, nor online, nor on flickr, but I like it when I have it in my hands. The color is interesting and elegant, sort of a smoky eggplant purple that actually changes hues in different lighting ( I figured that was why I didn't like it in the shop, cause it was too dark making the purple hue closer to black, which is not its real color.) The leather is of course soft and luxury as in all finchleys. I LOVE it. So if you have a chance to get it at a reasonable price, I'd recommend it, strongly. As to the "Malden", honestly I can't get it's allure no matter how many times I tried. ;-)

  4. There is obviously some flaw in the way the Filofax ordering system works, it should be 'first come first served' Why should someone who ordered after you (sometimes hours or days after you) get their order honoured whilst your order was declined.

  5. @icclewu
    If I were to get a crimson Malden, it would be the personal size, but it really is, in essence, a less embossed Baroque with one extra pocket I probably wouldn't use...
    Yes - you have enough!! :-)
    Well, thanks. I feel so much better now! That didn't rub it in at all!!! :-)

  6. @ Steve
    I agree entirely! I know of a number of people who ordered after me and got their order filled. Miffed.

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  8. Steve's crimson malden always looks good, and it's a very Christmasy colour, so that could be your "justification".

  9. Well, I resisted the urge to get a Malden. I wonder if I am the only filofax-owner in the world who doesn't have one???

  10. I can understand your feelings. It seems all the hardcore Filofax bloggers have a Malden. I felt a bit put out when I didn't warm up to my personal size Malden. I think the Belgravia is better in personal size all around. I have one with the larger rings. It's just not as stylish as some of the newer models. It's a clean design, well made with a great feel.

    I remember when the Filofax Classic used to be the style to own. See how it all changes over time.

  11. I meant the Cavendish not the Belgravia. Sorry

  12. Cavendish... as I said in another post (14 Dec) - they are like buses. I've waited ages for one to come along and now there is a plethora of them!

    The Cavendish is wonderful.

  13. Please sell your Jade Green Finchley to me! I've been looking everywhere for one :(

  14. @Harriet
    Sadly I am still using it as my work filofax as I was never able to get a purple Finchley.
    If I ever do sell it, I'll give you a heads-up!

  15. @Harriet
    Just seen - they are still on sale on the French filofax site...