Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Turquoise Baroque is here…

Well, Filofax France has delivered my new turquoise baroque sooner than expected (although without a world map… There wasn’t one in the pink one either. I pointed this out to them as it is described as containing one and they have sent two cartes du monde to me tout suite).

So, what’s it like?

It came in a slip-case (sadly, as they are nowhere near as useful as the boxes for keeping spare sheets etc. in). The diary is a week on two pages, horizontally arranged, with no lines. (This is the version.)

The other contents were fairly standard. There was a clear transparent sheet, six labelled dividers (surprisingly in English, considering I bought it from France), several sheets of coloured paper, to-do sheets, bank account sheets, personal expense sheets, business card holder, Today page marker/ruler, A-Z dividers and address sheets. As I said, a world map was listed on the site but not supplied.

It is an interesting colour. I’m not sure others would necessarily describe it as turquoise. It’s a blue with a hint of green in it, but perhaps not green enough to be truly turquoise. However, it is a beautiful colour and I am sorely tempted to move the contents of the pink (rose électrique!) version into it. The interior is glorious. In some ways, the embossing is more obvious because of the colour.

It's not as bright as this...

More this colour, though a bit greener

Isn't the embossing fabulous!
And am I also going to get a crimson Malden…?


Despite Caribbean Princess’s impressive enabling skills, and despite the fact that they are a really good price at City Organiser, I don’t think that I will. I had been very tempted by the Malden because I was worried that the pink was too girly and not quite professional-looking enough, but the blue/turquoise/teal is just fine on that count. And taking a sensible view (ha ha ha ha ha!), I honestly can’t justify getting one! I can barely justify getting this one!
I know everyone adores their Maldens and it does look like a lovely filofax, but I will stay individual with my baroques. The interior is almost the same layout but the embossing on the inside makes it just that bit more special!

So, how will I use it? Well, I love it and I love the pink one too, but tempted as I am to shift everything into the new one immediately, I think I am going to try and save it until the autumn and move everything over on the equinox. Turquoise for autumn-winter and pink for spring-summer.

I know.

I see the flaw too.

Only two filofaxes???

Aye. Right.

As DH would say: “That’s an aspiration, not necessarily an outcome.”


  1. Oh it is lovely! One of the other public health registrars owns one and you are correct it is not very aqua. I knew we would get along from the start as she owned a filofax! hehe. of course she only has one.......

    I think I helped enable a lot of other people to get the Malden! ;-) But your Baroques are lovely and it is good to stand apart from the crowd!

    Take care :-)

  2. Lovely! You have great taste! ;-)

    I also love the Baroques and have both the Turquoise and pink. I think the colour is more Teal than Turquoise though. Like you, I loved the first binder so much (Turquoise) that I ordered the other colour (pink) soon after (just in case I missed out you understand). I did not notice the world map in the contents nor did I receive any. At the time though I was ordering 'blind' as it was before I discovered Google page translator so I struggled through the order process.

    After reading everyone’s positive feedback on the Malden I also contemplated buying it however the layout is much the same as the Baroque only the Baroque is prettier.

    Great photos showing the Baroques true colours and beauty.

  3. The layout looks almost identical to the Malden, so I think you've got it covered! I notice the link you provided does not have the world map shown -- perhaps they corrected it. And it does say that the indexes are "en anglais." I was tempted by the Baroque a year or so ago but the plain exterior put me off -- I wanted that embossing on the outside too, since once you insert cards and a note pad, you barely see any of the embossing any more. Gorgeous color -- I'd move into it right away since it looks like summertime and tropical seas!

  4. Man, would I love to have one of these! I thought the pink one was gorgeous, and this one is just as. Very, very pretty. Enjoy! BTW, I think the equinox is a splendid idea! (Can I steal it?)

  5. Thanks for all the comments everyone!
    @CP - that's so funny - "I knew we would get along because she has a filofax!" Spot on!

    @Saffy - glad you enjoy the Baroques too. I bought the blue one "just in case I missed out".

    @Petra - I am sorely tempted to move everything over to it, but I will try and be good and wait. I know what you mean about the colour being that of tropical seas though. Hopefully it will keep me cheered up over the winter though.

    @Rori - steal away! Have you managed to track these down in the US btw? I saw that you could get the black version, but wasn't sure if the pink or blue were around.

    Anyway, thnks for reading, everyone! Have a great week.

  6. Speaking as a Malden lover, good for you for being unique! I would definitely tell someone that the malden is worth it if they are contemplating getting one. However, I like that you stand by your guns and go your own way on this. The baroque isn't for me, but it is a lovely binder. I'm glad you love it and are enjoying both colors.

  7. @kanalt - thanks for the support. btw - why wasn't the baroque for you? Too squishy? Too bright? (Just curious!)

  8. Amanda, While the embossing is quite different from other Filofaxes, I don't really like it. It's a great feature, but not one that I would want on my binder. It looks very Victorian to me, which is fine, but just not my style. That's all. But I love that other people love it!

  9. Amanda:
    I can only find one black one on ebay for $36.99. Is that a good price? What is the leather like? Does it smell wonderful?

  10. Hi Rory,
    I guess the smell of the leather will depend on if it's new or not. My new ones smelled nice! And the pink one, despite being in my bag the last few weeks still smells nice... although to get a real leathery smell you have to hold it up to your nose.
    $36.99 sounds like a good price! I paid about £36 for mine and considering the £ to $ is not one-for-one right now, that does sound like a good price!
    Let me know if you get it!?

  11. I finally decided and just ordered the gorgeous turquoise Baroque from the French Filofax! It will be a looooong wait until it reaches the US but I am so happy with my choice! Thanks for sharing your blog link at Philofaxy!

  12. Hello, do you still have this planner and if you do are you willing to sell it? Thank you :3

  13. @Kyara
    I do still have this planner, but I don't think I will ever sell it. Sorry!