Sunday, 2 December 2012

Planner Fail?

It’s not really planner fail in the conventional sense… though, as I’m not actually using it, maybe it is.
The love-affair hasn’t ended in the usual way… that someone hunkier, prettier, bigger, smaller, different has trotted along and caught my eye… no, it’s my old issue with needing colour. If Mr Holborn had been scarlet instead of brown, I would still be using him.

Those of you who have followed me, will know what’s coming… my darling Mulberry is, well, just a bit dull.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still adore the size and the ability to buy A6 things or print my own things 4 to a page of A4 and all that… he’s just, well… a bit ‘challenged’ on the bright and gaudy side. And my OCD-tendencies make it hard for me to have him all subtle and light brown on the outside but bright and colourful on the inside. Had he been black, I could have done that, but not brown. I know. I’m my own worst enemy!

So what to do? Do I move back into one of the personal Baroques? Look for a bright Mulberry (do they exist?)? Try out the new pocket Baroque (which, though black, I could manage to jazz up on the inside)?

What’s making all this worse, is that Paperchase have opened a new store near to me and I am itching to go in and buy their lovely inserts, which fit the pocket and the personal but not the Mulberry.


Advice guys?


  1. Have you considered applying dye to the filofax? Maybe something can be done...

  2. I've done better! I've found a bright Mulberry!!! Details and pictures coming once it arrives!