Friday, 21 December 2012

Wine Holborn

My impulse-buy, I-don’t-need-another-binder-and-it’s-only-making-the-choices-more-difficult Holborn in wine arrived the other day and I promised I would blog about it today, so here goes.

I did a pretty comprehensive review of the brown Holborn (here) so I won’t repeat myself over the layout etc. Instead, I’ll focus on the differences.
[I do note, reading back over the original review, that I said I didn’t like the wine colour… really?? I’m more fickle than I thought!]

The colour is fabulous. I’m not sure my photos do it any justice and I would have taken it outside to get it photographed in natural light but a) it has poured with rain all day and b) there doesn’t appear to be much natural light outside today! Scotland, on the shortest day of the year, with heavy rain… never going to be a dazzlingly bright day!
The contrast stitching on the brown Holborn bugged me so much that I used boot leather conditioner on it to tone it all down! On the wine, it’s actually not quite so irritating, but I’ll be happier when it’s grubbied up a bit!

Interestingly, the brown Holborn lay pretty flat straight out of the box, but the wine one doesn’t. It will be okay laden with paper and the paper split evenly between the two halves, but at the moment it’s not lying flat at all!

Needing a weight on the LHS to get it flat enough to photograph
Well, obviously, the interior layout is exactly the same as the brown one. This one came supplied with the standard fill – diary (WO2P with no lines), A-Z dividers, www pages, address pages, to do pages, coloured notepaper, 5 blank dividers, a credit-card holder and a plastic protective sheet. 

Original fill (sorry the picture is crooked... more mulled wine anyone?)

A bit less crooked...

I’ve taken all that out already and put my standard fill in! Notes divider with lined paper behind; projects divider with projects to goals to next action sheets; diary divider with monthly sheets followed by the WO2P dairy that came with the Holborn; lists divider with a variety of things behind (um, lists of stuff really…); info divider with info pages from the diary and then addresses behind. Right at the back is the card holder and then a zipped pencil-case (bought for about 50p from Tescos and punched). I know the Holborn has a zipped pocked inside one of the slip-pockets but I like to see my coins and vouchers and the clear plastic pencil case is the exact size of the binder. (In the picture below, the index card is there merely to obscure the last name/address in my filofax).

Clear zipped pencil case for coins/money (when this binder is in use)

I think I’m going to set up three binders for the New Year: Red, wine Holborn and pocket Baroque and work on a rota…! But which one to use first? Keep voting to help me decide!

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  1. The Holborn in wine is one of my favorite Filo's in my collection. Great buy!