Saturday, 15 December 2012

Personal Holborn in wine heading my way…

I’ve just bought a personal Holborn in wine.


Hmm... Are you in league with my DH, who will no doubt ask the same thing?

Is the reason, “It was on offer and I like the colour” good enough…?

Ah. Thought not.

[Though I’m sure many of you understand how that happens…]

How about, “I loved the Holborn when I was using it; it was just a bit too brown” …?

Ah. (again)

Okay. I give up. I had no reason whatsoever to buy it. Especially as I have:
  • just reviewed the binders I have used this year and have used A6 or smaller for more than half the year (post coming soon with details)
  • recently bought another Mulberry (see here for details)
  • have about seven zillion other binders that I also love but don’t use (see here, here and here for summaries!)
  • was supposed to only be buying stationery once a month and only then if I had done all the training I was supposed to have done (see here)
If it comes and I do indeed love the colour, the brown Holborn may well go on sale. I can’t justify keeping it when the reason I’m not using it is that it’s too dull and so I bought a red version.

I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Your first reason is the perfect reason, and the second isn´t a bad one, just not as easily understood by non-filo bods - enjoy!!! :-)

  2. Did it make you happy to buy it? Thought so. There is your reason.

  3. Hmmm, I doubt any of us would disagree with your first reason! I'm back in a Malden (thank goodness) & I'm sure some people would say, "Why, you already had another one?!"

    We understand... I figure use them, love them & be happy with how many you own :)

  4. I love the look of a Holborn but it's one I don't have (and don't need) but that doesn't stop me from looking and if I ever saw one on sale then that would be all the justification I would need so I understand perfectly. Don't feel guilty - just enjoy!

  5. It's arrived! The colour is glorious. Haven't really unpacked it properly yet - will blog about it on Friday.