Wednesday, 19 December 2012

In a planner pickle

Oh I am in a right pickle! Those of you who have been following my ramblings (bless you! Have you really nothing better to do?) will know:
  1. I love the A6 size of the Mulberry agenda
  2. I love Indie, but he’s not bright enough
  3. I like to use my binder as a wallet as well as a planner
  4. I need a colour pop as the weather is miserable and I live in Scotland where the sun doesn’t bother appearing for most of the day in winter
  5. Red, my (very) shiny new Mulberry is both gorgeous and challenged on the pocket front
  6. I haven’t quite fallen in love with Red, but each time I contemplate abandoning her, I get suckered back
  7. I’ve just taken delivery of a new wine Holborn
  8. Wine Holborn has great colour and zillions of pockets
  9. Pink and blue Baroques are begging to be used again and are fabulous
  10. Paperchase have some nice diary inserts which are colourful enough but not garish (colour-pop!)
  11. The Paperchase inserts will fit in a personal filofax but not Red or Indie
  12. Other Paperchase inserts will fit in the pocket size filofax
  13. Pocket filofaxes can also be a bit challenged on the card-slot/pocket front
  14. But… I managed to use a pocket-size for several months earlier in the year
  15. I have a gorgeous black pocket Baroque begging to be used

Although I am pretty certain what my set-up will be for 2013 (the set-up that has proven itself over the last however long: goals to next-actions, monthly plans, weekly plans, 3-6 months of WO2P, 1 week of DPP) I currently have no idea which binder to use.

Hence… the vote. Please let me know which set-up to go for in 2013 by voting in the poll in the side-bar: Mulberry (Indie), Mulberry (Red), personal Baroque, personal Holborn, pocket Baroque. Poll closes on the last day of 2012!

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