Saturday, 1 March 2014

All change, again...

I managed about a week and a half in the Holborn but then today I cracked and swapped the Holborn contents with the navy Portland, so now the Portland is the day to day binder and the Holborn has the goals to projects to next-action sheets in it.

I’ve never used the navy Portland as a day to day binder and from the stiffness of the card slots, I don’t think anyone else has (or certainly not used the card slots, at least!).
I weighed the Holborn before I emptied it and it came in at 530g. Once I’d swapped everything into the Portland, I weighed that and was amazed that it also came in at exactly 530g! I would have thought it would be lighter as the Holborn has the extra layers to make all the pockets.

So what was wrong with the Holborn? It is a glorious colour, it has all those card-slots and pockets... why was I itching to be out of it? To be honest, it was the leather. It may well soften up with more use, but it is stiff at the moment and not super-floppy the way the Baroque and Portland binders are. I also don’t like the contrast stitching (never have. Took brown leather polish to the stitching in the brown Holborn I hated it so much...).  I know others have Holborns and love them, but I was just not happy.

Instead of immediately fleeing back to the Baroque though, I thought I would have a play with the Portland (variety being the spice and all that). I also realised that although I bought the Holborn for all those pockets, I only used the same number as I do with other binders: the card slots (the Portland has the same number as the Baroque and the Holborn), the zipped pocket for other cards and the vertical pocket for paper money. I didn’t use the two inward-facing vertical pockets in the Holborn, or the outward-facing pocket at the back with the zipped pocket inside. I just used the outward-facing one at the font and the zipped one at the back. Therefore there was no real reason not to have a play with the Portland, even though it has one pocket fewer than the Baroque.

I am (just about!) still avoiding scratching the “let’s shift to a pocket” itch. Maybe at some point, life will change enough to move to an A5 on my desk and a pocket to carry around.

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