Monday, 3 March 2014

Notes to self...

I have been in and out of filofaxes for years. You’d think I’d have got it sorted by now, but no. I have a complete drawer of the things, yet I still trawl eBay and Adspot on a regular basis.

Anyway, in a (futile) attempt to curb what is surely an addiction, I note the following things:
  • I need lots of card-slots (preferably ≥4; ideally ≥6)
  • I need a zipped pocket to keep other crap in
  • I need another pocket to keep paper money in
  • The binder has to lie flat as a bat or I will hate it
  • I like colour
  • I like floppy leather (see flat-as-a-bat point!)
  • If I don’t like the filofax I am using, I don’t use it enough, even if all of the above points have been met
Maybe if I print this out and stick it to my laptop so that I have to look past it as I am trawling eBay and Adspot, it might rein me in a bit? (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!)

What are other people’s ‘must have’/’must not have’?


  1. Hello Amanda,
    I had left a comment last year asking about your personal teal baroque. I read your post about pocket or personal size and also your post about trying to choose between your black pocket baroque and switching to other pockets...
    Well I have a pocket Teal Baroque that I would be willing to trade you for your personal sized teal baroque. I bought the pocket because I STILL cant find anyone who will sell a personal size :/ I'm willing to pay a good sum of money for a personal size, and if you still are not happy with your pocket filos, giving you my teal pocket as part of the payment.
    I really don't want to be a bother...but I just had to ask. It is my dream to have a personal sized teal baroque...I just can't find one anywhere! I paid alot to get my pocket, and I love it, but the size is just not working for me. I need something bigger. I've searched for two years now and still can not find a personal size...
    If you are using it and really can't sell it, I understand and I won't ask again. Can't blame a girl for trying! Hope I'm not being a bother...
    Thank you

  2. Hi there Kyara,
    I couldn't part with either of my personal Baroques. Sorry!! I absolutely understand you asking and it's not a bother! I think if I had to only own one binder, it would be that one though...

  3. I can sympathize. In my case, I can't really buy many locally, so I have to buy online, try them out and decide which to keep and sell. Thank goodness for blogs, FB groups, Philofaxy and other detailing some of the models, which has saved me from some wastes of time/money, but it's still a crap shoot.

  4. I can definitely sympathise with you as I've owned my fair share of Filofaxes over the years! Hmm, my must haves are: lies flat, notepad pocket, zipped pocket & definitely has to be the right colour. I feel very lucky to now have my personal crimson Malden & my ochre A5 one as they both tick all the boxes :)

  5. It has to lie flat.
    I am happiest with two pen loops.
    If I only have one, I'd rather it was on the right.
    I HATE big buckles on the flap.
    I HATE zippers.
    I don't care about pockets and slots.
    It has to have large enough rings.
    I don't care if it's floppy or stiff.
    I don't ever want another brown or black - I used those for years.

    How's that? I could go on . . . after years and years of using planners, I know what I like and don't like!!!

    1. I think now that I've been using planners for a few years, I've settled into knowing what I need/want.
      It doesn't quite seem to translate into not browsing (and then wanting!) utterly unsuitable ones though!!!