Sunday, 9 March 2014

Itching to use the Original...

So, here’s the thing... I have a gorgeous A5 Original in green that I’m currently not using, but want to use. It’s too big to carry around and was always purchased with the intention it would be a ‘sitting on my desk’ binder for when I became an unemployed a self-employed writer. The plan would be that all my goals to projects to next actions and all my monthly and weekly plans would go into the A5, leaving a small satellite diary, paper for quick notes, contacts and lists of books/maps in the carry-around, along with money and cards. The satellite diary would only be for checking if I was free/busy and could be as small as week per page or maybe even month per view (gasp – really??). With such a pared-down set-up I might even (even bigger gasp here...) manage to squeeze into 15 mm rings!

But, I have no patience, and the becoming unemployed/self-employed ain’t happening for a while and I really, really want to use the A5. Now.

Hmm. There’s a catch (there’s always a catch...). I also don’t want to rewrite everything into pocket-size (to switch to A5 for planning and pocket for carry-around) because I sense in my bones that it won’t work while I still have to go out to work, not least because there would then be the issue of running three calendars: work, A5 & pocket, and I can be fairly rubbish at synching two sometimes!

Okay, well, then maybe I could not rewrite everything, but move to the half-way place of A5 plus planning on my desk and personal minus planning as my carry-around and switch to the pocket plus A5 set-up when I need to change diary.

But that would then feel like I’m just setting up the A5 desk version for the sake of using the A5 (which, of course, I would be!) and I wouldn’t need all the diary space that I currently have in the personal if planning is in the A5, but as it’s already set up, I would end up using it. So in fact, all that I would have done is to have added another diary on my desk to have to remember to sync with two other diaries... It wouldn’t work.

Ah well. Step away from the green Original. Step away... At least for now.


  1. I went through a stage where I considered that an A5 at home & a pocket as my main binder would be the 'perfect' set up. However, I've never owned pocket size (so don't have any paper etc.) & I find personal inserts quite small. And the idea of rewriting stuff really isn't that entertaining! I also feel your pain. Sooo, sometimes I realise that I love the ideal, but make myself step away...

  2. This is a real coincidence. I have a black A5 original I want to use but all my info is already in my personal. So i've been stepping away too. Now I realized I will just photocopy the material and stick it in the A5. Could be a possible solution to your re-write problem too.