Monday, 17 February 2014

Shortest filofax change ever?

Following on from my last post, where I started to hum and haw about whether I could use a pocket Holborn, I thought I would switch the contents of my Baroque into my wine Holborn, just to remind myself about the leather and the feel of the thing.

I haven’t quite moved back yet, but I was itching to, only seconds after moving in. Although the leather in the Holborn is beautiful and supple, it isn’t the full-on floppiness of the Baroques!

This might be the quickest in-out (shaking it all about) ever for me! I might not stay in it for an hour, never mind any longer...


  1. I got my first A5 Balmoral in the post, opened the package, saw it didnt have the much needed large pocket, wrapped it up and put it all back into the packaging. All took less than 3 minutes! I only took it out once more to photograph it as I sold it on eBay within the hour. So I hear you!

  2. Well at least you know :) I've never seen or touched a baroque, so that's one thing I couldn't tell you! Personally, I love the holborn leather, and the slight structure that it has despite the flexy squishiness, but it's such a personal thing :)