Monday, 17 March 2014

In praise of the A5 Domino (2)

In my last post, I wittered on about how many A5 dominos I now have, but what keeps bringing me back to them so often?

1. The price
They are frequently on offer in WH Smiths with either 40% or 50% off. (No affiliation, just always had good service from them. I have bought every single A5 domino I own from them!)

2. The 30mm rings
Huge. Just huge. And since I am generally not hefting these binders about on a daily basis, the fact they have huge rings and are stuffed (and heavy) doesn’t matter.

3. The rigid cover

I may well be using these to make notes whilst out and about (not all that common an occurrence) or whilst balancing the binder on my knee (much more common occurrence!) and the rigid cover makes this an easy task.

4. Pared-down interior

I am largely using these as binders and never as wallets and so the pared-down insides work well. The notepad slot in the back is brilliant.

5. Two pen-loops; both elastic

I surely don’t need to explain any further do I?

6. The fill

Although I bought this to use with home-made contents, I still like the fill it comes with. The one I just bought had an academic diary (July 2014 – December 2015; week to view, vertical) which will be used in 2015; A-Z dividers (okay, I’m more ‘meh’ about this as I have about a zillion sets of these now!); several sheets of coloured paper; some address sheets (okay, fairly ‘meh’ about these too); some ‘to-do’ sheets; a top-opening envelope; a ‘today’ marker’; a note-pad.
The address sheets and dividers are no use to me, but the rest of the fill is pretty good, especially the note-pad, which unlike the atrocious diary paper, handles a fountain pen okay!

For the price (£22) I think this is a great deal!


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  2. I haven't used a Domino but everyone I have heard that has one loves it. It sounds ideal. There is a lot to be said for functionality.