Friday, 3 August 2012

The kindness of others

This post is very late and I apologise enormously to my hugely generous friend

Once upon a time, there was a woman who started a blog about her love of stationery. She thought she was just a lone soul, crying into the wind and that no-one would hear her.

She was wrong.

It seemed she was not alone in her love of organisation and stationery! Other people in the world shared these passions. Some of them followed her blog. Some of them became her friends.

At least one of them is incredibly generous and kind and this post is dedicated to him.

This friend knew the woman wasn’t looking forward to going back to work after her vacation. He knew she loved stationery and that a packet of goodies would not only make her day but quite probably her week and month too.
When the woman returned to work, there was a large package on her desk. She peeped inside it, knowing who it was from and not wanting to open it at work and risk being mocked by her fellow office workers clutching iPhones and iPads. She put the parcel carefully in her bag and avoided nosy questions from others.

At home, she ripped the envelope open. She knew there would be goodies, but the friend had said there were just a few things he had put together from his stash.

He lied!!!!!
THIS is what he sent…. (click on the pictures to enlarge)

The haul!!

Second picture

The items are:
1. Some cotton cream to do/don’t forget sheets
2. 5 activity plans that fold out to show a 52 week check box (I can see me planning another half marathon with them, though I suspect they are designed for business!)
3. A Danish telephone and address book to slot into a filofax pocket
4. Some fabulous post-its shaped like oak leaves
5. A Levenger wallet that holds 3x5” cards
6. A little memorandum card from Midori with wafer-thin paper in it
7. The gentleman in question’s business card
8. Some ridiculously cute four-leaf clover/shamrock paperclips (I suspect the latter since there is an Irish connection!)
The Mulberry Haul
9. A set of 5 dividers plus paper (white lined behind the white tab; equivalent colour lined behind the others) 
10. A today marker 
11. Cream lined Mulberry paper 
12. Meeting Notes (hmm – maybe some of these goodies will have to go to work after all…) 
13. A full set of A-Z dividers and address sheets 
14. A self-inking star stamp (so I can reward myself for clearing my to do list!) 
Second picture: 
15. Some very cute sticky tabs 
16. A block of mini to do sheets (5cm x 5.5cm) that can go on filofax/Mulberry rings and be moved around. These are genious!

Can you believe it?? In fact, there was so much that a couple of things escaped the first picture – hence the second one. What makes this even more amazing is that I know this man entirely because we both love stationery. We’ve never even met

Anyway, to my fabulous friend…



  1. Wow!!! You lucky, lucky thing. Enjoy :o)

  2. What a lovely post, enjoy and what a great friend you have :)