Friday, 3 August 2012

New set-up (rapidly abandoned!)

I have been fiddling about, trying to work out if I can move to a different set-up next year for my filofax. I currently have two main planners – my work one (which used to be an A5 filofax but is now an A5 Mulberry) and a personal one (current squeeze is a pink Baroque). Hence I have two diaries – one at work and one for outside of work. In my personal, I have a year (or so) of week on two pages and a week at a time of day to a page. This year I switched to a week on one page plus notes (see here - which shows the set-up in pocket but I did the same for personal). This is working so well for me I don’t really want to change. I even have next year’s diary all figured out (see here).

However, a whole heap of people have said that running two diaries is daft. In all honesty though, there hasn’t really been a major issue with the two diaries for me – all work stuff goes in at work; all home stuff goes in the personal (which I carry to work and keep in my handbag. The work diary stays on my desk unless I’m blogging about it ). My work and home lives do not mix. Quite deliberately.

So what’s the problem?

I do like to have some inkling of what’s coming up before I get into work, especially as I generally work only Tuesday through Thursday. However, any memory of having looked at my work diary before leaving on a Thursday has become a dim and distant smudge of knowledge by Monday night!

Anyway, for all of about three days, I had considered a satellite A5 diary (bought for £2 at a cheap stationers) that could slot into my binder at work and come home with me when I left.

This concept lasted all of about three days because
  1. I like the week to a page plus notes more than anything else
  2. I like having my diary in my personal filofax
  3. The cheap diary has horizontal days and I prefer vertical
  4. The cheap diary has paper about as good as filofax paper which made me not want to use it
Consequently, I have returned to the original set-up and have a post-it in my work planner (so it can move from week to week) saying, “diary” to remind me to note what’s coming up in the following week in my personal diary.

Lesson learned:
If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!


  1. Do you have an ipad or smartphone? If so, just snap a photo of your work diary for Tuesday the previousvThursday.

  2. Isn't a pain having to copy entries from the work diary to the personal one? Wouldn't it be better to use just one instead? You're mixing work and personal anyways, aren't you?

    Also, what Helen says is a good idea, or you could just scan the page using a scanner at the office. That way you don't have to copy all the entries by hand, neither you need to include work information in your personal.

  3. @Helen
    Nope - I have a very basic phone that sends/receives texts and messages. Period. But good thought!

    I'm not really mixing work and personal hugely - my work diary has a line crossed though days I don't work and my personal diary has only absolutely essential work things in, just so that I don't forget them. Having tried just one diary, it is obviously not a method that will work for me at all!!
    I don't have access to a scanner at work. The transferring of info from the work to the personal is taking less that a minute to do, so it's not a major issue. The post-it note reminds me to do it!!