Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mulberry Goes to Work

After I abandoned the set-up with a satellite diary, I was back to my original work diary which was designed to fit in the A5 filofax, not an A5 Mulberry. There were also a whole load of other pages for work, punched to go in the A5 filofax. All of this needed either adapting to go into the Mulberry, or recreating.

Of course, I could have waited until the new year and only moved into the Mulberry when I had a new diary for it, making there one less thing to be adapted/recreated.

Yeah, right.

Recreating would be a total faff and since the Mulberry ring spacing is the same as the personal filofax, and since a personal filofax sheet fits in an A5 filofax if you snip the bottom corner off, I only needed to punch one more hole in the pages to make them fit in the Mulberry. So that’s what I did.

Granted, the pages all now sit low in the binder, but they don’t stick out at the bottom (which would have been more than my OCD-like brain could have coped with).

So, here goes:

Front (slightly battered) cover


The dividers you see are just cheap A5 binders, re-punched. I may make some nicer ones! The sections are:
  • To do
  • Notes
  • Diary
  • Module notes
  • Other (largely meeting notes, plus other bits and pieces)
I may separate out ‘other’ into more divisions, as it was in the filofax, but it can wait for the moment.

Although there is an A5 pad tucked in the front (and I have punched an extra hole in all the pages that are left in it) I will probably use the Oxford International paper for notes at work once I have used this up as it is much better paper.

To Do

I do actually have some ‘to do’! Just none from work that I can show you. These are home-made pages, done originally for the filofax, but you can see that I have just punched one extra hole in them to make them fit the Mulberry.


Again, home-made. I like this style. The Oxford paper will be what ends up in here, ultimately.


The filofax vertical WO2P, with an extra hole punched. There are currently about 18 months of diary pages in here – all of last academic year and up to December this year. In a few weeks I will be able to cull last academic year’s pages to make some space.

The back

I can’t show you any of the module notes or the information pages as they are largely private or confidential. I have my business cards in the zipped pocked at the back.

So, there it is, all ready for work.

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  1. I've looked at mulberrys on ebay - they look amazing.