Thursday, 26 December 2013

200th post! Getting ready for when the siren songs overwhelm me...

I know that at some point, the siren songs from Red and Indie will indeed overwhelm me and I will move into one of them – probably Red. Which means that I will need a week on 2 pages format in A6 size.

I’ve tried converting A4 pages to A6 and getting them back-to-back in the right orientation and have now given up in despair! Instead, since my printer seems to cope with feeding it A6-sized paper through the rear-paper tray, I have designed a Mulberry-like layout to print straight onto A6 paper.

Since I am still working well with using Post-It notes for this week’s tasks/to do/next actions I felt that I would prefer to continue with this and design a week on two pages rather than the week plus notes format that I was using for a while this year. I do prefer my day slots lined, but not with time-slots marked necessarily. I also have no need for the mini-calendar things that take up too much real-estate so I designed the sheets so that the days take up as much space as possible and have just the month across the top and then the dates on the day slots. I have Monday-Thursday on the left-hand side and Friday-Sunday + “coming up” on the right-hand side.

Nice clean layout!
I printed out a sample couple of weeks then decided I wanted it all much fainter and so went back to change all the lines to ½ or ¼ point and the typeface to a dark grey rather than black. I’m pretty happy with the result! No doubt I will be in Red and using it before the end of January!


  1. Congratulations on your 200th post! And thanks for all your generous help, both here and personally :) I really like how clean that layout is, it looks really practical but attractive. I totally agree about grey lines - black just takes over the page I find, and makes my own content sort of disappear! I also admire your printing patience! I could never manage to do more printing, chopping and punching than the odd page or three (not that my otherwise excellent printer helps, since it chews and paperjams if I so much as give it a whiff of FF personal-sized paper *sigh*). At least now when Red calls it won't send you into frantic changes and lost data :)