Thursday, 7 June 2012

Zip-lock bags for the Holborn

I use my filofax as both wallet and organiser and so I need to carry my cards, coins, paper cash and vouchers as well as the organiser pages. Filofax seem determined to put pockets in stupid places in their filofaxes, meaning I have in the past used a purse-hack made from an unused freebie, but it doesn't really fit in the personal size.

Original purse-hack in the mini-Baroque
In the mini-Baroque, the zipped pocket is behind the card slots (and unusable for coins); in the Aston, the zipped pocket collides with any pen in the pen-holder and is largely unusable for coins; in the Holborn, the zipped pocket is inside another pocket and also clashes with the pen-holder. Only in the personal-size Baroques was the zipped pocket usable for coins.
Come on Filofax! Use a designer who USES A FILOFAX IN REAL LIFE??

Anyway, as I need to carry coins and vouchers with me, I have resorted to two zip-lock bags in my Holborn:
Two zip-lock bags I'm using
On the left is a zip-lock bag designed for the filofax (but not made by Filofax). I have also got a Filofax brand one, but the zip is on the top rather than on the edge and it makes the thickness ridiculous. I got this one from City Organiser (but I don't see them on their site at the moment).

On the right is an adaptation of one of the pack of small zip-lock bags I used in the pocket (see here for details). The plastic they are made from is very stretchy and doesn't go through a hole-punch well at all. To punch the holes in it, I had to:
  1. put paper inside the bag
  2. wrap the bag in a folded sheet of paper
before punching the holes (using a Rapesco punch. Don't even attempt this with the rubbish that Filofax laughingly calls a hole-punch - the bag with its wrappings wouldn't even go in the punch and the punch wouldn't cope with the thickness even if it did... Making a decent punch needs to be added to the list of things that Filofax should get its act together over, along with decent paper and all items being available via all websites!)

The washi tape is to make the holes a little stronger and to make it pretty.

The larger zip-lock pocket is made of a thicker plastic than the Filofax brand version and I like the fact I can see the coins (and therefore know if I have enough change to pay for something or if I should just go for a note).

Does anyone else use zip-lock bags in their filofax? If so, what do you use them for?


  1. I've used a zip-lock bag in my personal Malden when I've used it as a wallet. However, I'm not a fan of how fat the zip part is?
    And I agree about zipped pockets not being very useful, as I've sold 2 minis in the past as the pen was in the way :)

  2. Hi Anita!
    I don't like the filofax ones for that exact reason, but this one has the zipper bit right on the edge and isn't any fatter than the coins that are in the pocket (in fact, probably thinner).
    Why DO filofax put their pockets in such daft places??

  3. I'm using 'generic' A5 zip pockets (clipbook owner..) than the ridiculously expensive A5 pocket from filofax.