Monday, 11 June 2012

I designed my own diary for 2013

Having settled on my ideal layout for my diary, my mind turned to 2013.

My preferred layout (it now turns out) is to have a week to view, but with a to-do list in the view, as well as the days. Having browsed around on Filofax (why DON’T they have all their products available on all of their sites??????) I saw this layout:

(taken from the French Filofax site)
Well, I have no problem having my diary in French, but it would be nice to reclaim some of the real estate taken up by the calendar in the right hand page and to make the right-hand page have to-do instead of lines.

So, armed with Steve and Ray’s source files (see here or here) and a Word file I created myself, I set about designing a diary for 2013.

I can’t quite work out the printing on both sides of an A4 set-up and I am quite happy to print direct onto pre-sized paper, so my Word file was designed around printing on personal-sized paper.

I’ve also considered printing onto plain cotton cream paper and like the cotton-cream diary being in brown type/ink rather than black, so I incorporated that and made mine brown too. I sent an early version to my friend Gerard who gave me good feedback and also sent me some nice fonts. A bit more fiddling with it all followed and…

…ta da!!

This is the final version:

The diary has appointment times (I have small enough handwriting to cope with the line spacing of 0.4cm); Saturday and Sunday are the same size; the right-hand page has to-do checklists; the type-face is clean and modern (thank you Gerard!!) and the brown lines and type give a softer effect than black/grey. I printed this out on straightforward filofax plain paper as I don’t have any cotton-cream, but I will probably used cotton-cream ultimately.

What do people think?


  1. Great! Looks very professional. I use the 'week on one page plus notes' and love it. It's similar to this.

  2. I love that, it looks great!

  3. Oooh!!! We like!!! We like lots!!!

  4. I love the brown type ink!

  5. These are great! I love the softening of the colour; what colour ink do you use?

  6. Love it, looks great :)

  7. Wow, they are so neat and professional!

  8. The brown is a really nice choice.

  9. That looks like it could be my perfect format! Which diary insert from Steve and Ray did you modify? I want to try it myself!

  10. @Everyone
    Thank you for all the kind comments! I'm pretty chuffed with it, I must say!
    As for the brown - um, there probably is a proper coding for it, but on my version of Word it's called Tan background 2, darker 75%
    Shall I just email you the one I made? I can send you the Word and Excel files to play with if you want? If you reply to this and let me know your email I will send ASAP.

    1. Dear Amanda
      I know this article and offer to share your files was quite some time ago now, but could I still ask for them? I am just so infatuated with the wonderful simplicity of your adaption!

    2. More than happy to - send me your email? You can leave it via comments and I won't publish it if that's easier?