Friday, 22 June 2012

The 10 Stages of Filofax Addiction

  1. You get a filofax
  2. You dip into Philofaxy and read a couple of posts
  3. You start reading Philofaxy most days
  4. You can't wait for the next Philofaxy post and are impatient for Saturday Web Finds to arrive
  5. You have more filofax-related feeds on Google Reader than anything else
  6. You are "enabled" and buy a second filofax
  7. You "enable" someone else into buying a second (or third, or more) filofax
  8. Your two filofaxes develop into "a collection"
  9. You have more filofaxes than it is sane to have
  10. Your "collection" becomes a habit


  1. You think of Steve as your 'dealer'

  2. When you get to 10 it should say

    11. Go To 1.

    Endless loop!!!

  3. I love it!!! And it's so true. And Steve is the dealer - love it! His motto: "Come on, everyone else is doing it." ;)

  4. And the best part is that it's international---I mean, look at all the new friends we've all made! And in a way it's also ecologically responsible too--we tend to "recycle" (for a price) these beauties......they will never clutter the planet, nor will they be unloved.....
    Oh gee--I'm a lot sicker than I thought. What have you done to me, Filofax? Help! Is there a 12 step program for this?