Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It started with a kiss...

…but that’s another story.

This story involves me converting my husband to using a filofax!!

Yes, you read that right. DH, the man who teases me mercilessly about my filofax habit, is now using a filofax!

It started with him wanting a little book to keep track of shares and I suggested that a pocket filofax with a set of A-Z indexes and lined notepaper would be perfect.

He grudgingly agreed.

I retrieved the pocket Cavendish out of The Drawer of Filofaxes and Inserts and set it up with A-Z dividers and notepaper and he was happy.

Then, our work-place decided that they would no longer provide a diary for the staff, leaving hubby searching for a small pocket-sized academic diary.

[Hmm… I think you can all see where this is going…]

I suggested an academic, week to view diary for the pocket filofax (we both work at a university). He hummed and hawed….

…and grudgingly agreed.

Then he wanted something to mark where the diary started. I offered a diary divider but he was eyeing up my Today marker in the Holborn so I found him a Today marker for the pocket from The Drawer of Filofaxes and Inserts.

Then he wanted something that lay flat as a bat. He doesn’t want to use the filofax as a wallet, so he didn’t care about the pocket along the back of the Cavendish, or the zipped pocket on the back cover, so I gave him my pocket Portland instead.

He loves it.

Well, that might be overstating it a tad and I don’t see him voraciously reading Philofaxy any time soon, but, he does see the appeal of small, leather bound organisers where you can move paper in and out and keep a diary in there.

I keep telling him it’s a slippery slope but he just laughs.

Let’s see who is sniggering in a year…


  1. This totally reminded me of the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!!!

    Be proud you even got him to use one- I'm still working on my fiance... no Filofax in his pocket yet :(

  2. Nice one!!! So pleased for you/him, lol! You've probably seen my post about the very same thing:

    He is now the proud owner of an A5 and some refills have arrived in the post for him today. There will be a 'set-up' post very soon! Maybe you could persuade your hubby to do a guest post??? ;-)

  3. Well done, I just got my hubby into using a Filofax too, I blogged about it recently;