Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Quo Vadis ABP 2 - update

It lies flat!

It lies flat!!

Look away now if you like your stuff pristine...

Okay. It was a bit resistant and so I broke its spine in a few several places and now it lies flat just fine.

However, it now looks like this:

A bit battered
Major spinal injuries!
Less pretty; more useful though

But, it lies flat!

So, for those of you who like the thought of the ABP 2 but wanted it to lie flat (and don't mind beating it into submission), then rest assured, it will lie flat!

I started near the start of the diary, opening it out (hideous cover removed) and flattening out the pages, then I decided that the best solution would be to go to the middle and work outwards. I found the middle of the book and then bent it completely back on itself so that the two covers were touching. This (naturally) broke its spine (something I would hate to do on most books!!). I then worked my way out, section by section, re-breaking the spine at each junction between sets of pages and again at the mid-point of each block of pages.

I realise this is quite brutal, but my stationery has to work for me! I didn't buy it to look at! I bought it so it would work! This wasn't going to work if it wouldn't lie flat. I don't care that it looks a bit really quite battered. It's not going to be out and about with me as it's my daily planner and will sit on my desk.

Has anyone else brutalised some stationery to make it work for them?

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