Sunday, 30 August 2015

Traveller's Journal - update

Stamford Notebook Co.
Traveller's Journal

I've now been using the Stamford Notebook Co.'s Traveller's Journal since June 15th so it's time to tell you how well it's working out. I blogged about the set-up here.

Order of stuff in the TJ:
At the front, I have the zipped pocket/two slip-pockets Midori insert (Midori 008, blogged about here). That's wrapped around a card-holder insert (Midori 007, blogged about in the same blog post).
I did have them around separate elastics, but then slipped them around the same one so the cards are in the middle.
Then there is a Moleskine (spit, spit, spit... horrible quality, NEVER buying them again) cahier with the week plus notes diary.
At the back is another Moleskine cahier (still spit, spit, spit, horrible quality, never buying it again) - this one is lined and is for notes.

How it's all been working out:
The home-made week plus notes diary (blogged about a lot - see here for main post) is working REALLY well. I may not continue blocking the RHS into eight zones next year, but I will continue to write next-action lists based on life areas. The only reason I might not block the RHS out into eight equally sized blocks is because I sometimes need more space on some things than I do on others.

Week plus notes diary
The tracking boxes are also working really well and remind me to do stuff I keep forgetting to do!

The notes cahier is also useful - I've always had a notes section in my Filofax, so no great surprise there.

The Midori inserts are okay. Because there's no pen holder in the TJ, I've popped an erasable pen (uni-ball signo TSI; freebie from Cult Pens!) in the zipped pocket and that's okay as long as I don't have a lot of cash. If I do have a lot of cash, the pocket gets a bit bulky with the pen in there too.
The cards can sometimes seem a bit loose in the card holder. They won't fall out, but sometimes they do move significantly towards the outer part of the slot. For a couple of them I've put two cards in because the slot really has seemed too loose and things were almost falling out. Likewise with the slip-in pockets (other side of the zipped pocket insert) - receipts almost fall out and the paper money in there feels like it's held very loosely. I'm contemplating getting something else to hold the wallet aspects of it all but I'm not sure what. Suggestions? (Remembering I'm based in the UK and shipping from the US can be prohibitively expensive).

What I do miss is an address book. Yes, I'm only needing to look for addresses at home and yes, I have them in a Filofax at home but for some reason I want them in the TJ. Though probably not enough to get an address book insert for the TJ! I know - go figure...

Other than those minor niggles, it's still working out well for me.

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  1. Daytimer US sells little paper address books but I couldn't find them on the UK site.

    Ray Blake's printable address book is great, also.