Friday, 18 January 2013


Just a general update on what I’m using at the moment. I’m quite sure that you ALL will have guessed anyway, but the planner du jour is…


I know. I know. I know.

I moved into Loki, I genuinely did. But the tiny rings were too tiny to just ‘duplicate set-up, open rings, insert set-up, close rings, away we go’ – I will need to have a think about the set-up as although the rings did close, it wasn’t pretty. And I’d made new dividers and everything…

So, as everything was all ready to go, I then moved it all into the pocket Baroque, which has 19mm rings and lots of pockets and slots and things. And to be honest, I was all set to go with that.

Oh, but then that siren that is Red called to me, and I moved my cash and my cards back in and I’m still with her.

I know that some of the reason is the diary in the pocket. The Baroque came with an Italian diary, which is generally fine (especially as it is lined!), though it does have ‘festa’ watermarked across all the Italian holidays. Which would be fine and dandy if they were the same as the UK holidays, but they’re not (I realise the one in the picture is...). I could buy another, but I need the lines, and the UK filofax ones don't have them and Paperchase are out of stock with theirs.

Red of course has the fabulous Mulberry diary, which is just gorgeous. As is Red herself. I can’t believe I was so ambivalent about her at the start because I absolutely adore her now!

As for the Moleskine Diary that I loathed…
… well, I still loathe it, but I’m still using it. I’ve stuck a Leuchtturm pen-holder into the back so at least I can attach my pen properly. I’ll not buy another though.

… still amazes me daily with the appalling paper quality, but I am still using it and have settled on the Herbin rollerball with bleu pervenche ink. It still bleeds through like crazy, but the colour is fantastic.

So, there we go, though I’m sure none of you were hugely surprised by any of it…


  1. Ah, you've moved full circle! Your Red is lovely - hope you stay long enough to fall in love, but hey love is fickle eh?...

  2. Hiya... I haven't forgotten about your proposal :) Recently I received the black baroque mini...LOVE IT! So,I'm still, really considering to take you up on your offer and swap... Just can't see to part from it though.