Monday, 7 January 2013

Loki’s coming!

Sadly, not Tom Hiddleston, in all his horned glory… but another Mulberry! 
[Ha ha – now it would be a pleasant surprise to have Mr Hiddleston delivered by the postman!]

Anyway, let me tell you what I’ve done…

I found this (picture from the eBay listing):

and said, “Oh, go on then!” and bought it.

I now own five (yes… five) Mulberry binders. I have an A5 green crocodile-tummy at work (tick tock anyone?), I have an A5 brown one, I have Indie and Red (both agenda size) and now Loki, which is pocket size.

I know… I know!!!! I have several pocket filofaxes. Which I’m not using as I seem unable to move out of Red.

Anyway, you all understand how it is. And I earned gold stars in December, so… 
(yes, just shush about the other stationery you also bought off the back of the ‘I earned gold stars’ claim!).

Estimated delivery is the weekend, so I will keep you posted on Loki and how he gets set up.

* I will of course remove any pictures if you want me to. No infringement/offence intended at all.


  1. You need to visit Friday, I'm in Love you will enjoy it!

    1. I follow you on Google Reader! Love it!
      I must set up a separate page here with a list of all the blogs I follow...

  2. I've been eyeing the Mulberrys but have never taken the plunge. I'd love to see yours together!

    1. Once Loki arrives I can get a group piccy of all but the crocodile-tummy one (which is at work and I forgot to bring it home for a photo call).
      En masse Mulberries coming soon!!

  3. Please tell me there isn´t a limit to the amount of stationery you can buy as a result of earning the gold stars...

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
      Don't be daft!!! I would last about two seconds! :-)
      No, no... gold stars = stationery purchases (undefined amounts!)

    2. Phew - I thought my whole exercise plan was about to come crashing down around my ears, and I haven't even started yet :o)