Friday, 11 January 2013

Loki's Here!

He’s here!! Let me take you on a tour…

The leather is in the same style as Red – glossy patent leather, only Loki is green (and pocket-sized not agenda). On the front, there is the Mulberry tree embossed into the bottom right hand corner. This is different from Red who has no embossing on the outside.

Front cover, showing the logo
As with all the Mulberry binders I have, there are two press-studs for the strap, so you can stuff it a bit fuller and still close it!
The back cover is just plain glossy green.

Back cover: plain
As you can see, there are four credit-card slots on the left-hand side and a slip-pocket behind (with the helpful cut-out so it’s easier to get things in and out). There is a silver stamp of the Mulberry logo and Mulberry written next to it.

The back cover has a small zipped pocket (possibly not very useful…) and a slip-pocket behind, again with the cut-outs.
Whilst Red has fabric only right inside the slip pockets, Loki has a fabric lining that extends behind the rings.

Sadly, the ring size is smaller than the other two pocket binders I have (Aston filofax and Baroque filofax). I think these are 16mm instead of 19mm in the Filofax pockets. I have tried to show the difference in the ring sizes in the pictures below (and no, the two binders are not in flagrante delicto! I was trying to get the rings next to each other!).

Not sure this shows it well - looks like a bigger difference than there is!
Loki and Baroque are NOT in flagrante delicto here!

Like Red, Loki doesn’t lie flat. I’m not sure if he ever will, but he’s not far off. With contents, Red lies flat, so maybe Loki will too once he has some contents.

Comparison with the pocket Baroque:
As you can see from the photo below, the Baroque looks wider and shorter. The exact measurements are:
Baroque:  11.5cm x 14cm
Loki: 10.3cm x 15.3cm

Comparison: closed
Comparison: open
I would probably make new dividers for Loki and if so, I would make them have top-tabs rather than side tabs, so I could use as much width as possible. I usually cut my own pages at 12.5 x 8cm, but I could just as easily make them 8.5cm

Loki and the card I would use for dividers
Have I moved in?
Um. Not quite… I did move the contents of the Baroque in (I’d set the Baroque up, ready for use, in case I moved into it at New Year, but, as you all know, I have been bewitched by Red and unable to move out AT ALL and have never used the Baroque). The smaller ring size is quite tight… and that back zipped pocket was too small to put cards or books of stamps in, so I’m currently having a bit of a think. I could probably take out 6 months of WO2P diary, but I have some more information pages that I need to add, never mind the card-holder. I think that this weekend I will make sure that I have the full set-up replicated in pocket size, and then see if I could move across.

He is cute. Will he finally be The One to pull me away from Red??

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  1. How is Loki? I don't have a filofax but use a franklin. Thought I'd start small and get a pocket size filofax.