Thursday, 1 March 2012

Choices, choices...

I can't leave the filofax alone for more than a minute it would seem... I know I have already made dividers for the Aston, and they are perfectly nice and good, but I wanted something a bit prettier!
I have bought two lots of card: I ordered some floral/patterned card before I realised that pocket-size dividers can easily be made from 6x6” scrapbooking card/paper which opened up a huge new load of potential card to use… and so ordered some more.
So, dear readers, I want your help deciding which to use…
The floral (280 gsm):
(picture from the eBay listing)

The scrapbooking card (200 gsm):
(picture from the eBay listing)
Please vote in the poll in the sidebar?

As for other things…

I have learned that:
1. the wrappers that the top-opening envelopes and credit-card holder each came in go through the hole punch easily and are super-thin and great for a cheap top-opening envelope (I just cut the flap off)

2. the zip-lock envelopes do not go through the hole punch easily, but if you put a sheet of paper inside the envelope and also wrap another sheet of paper around it before putting it through the hole punch, it punches through mostly okay

3. 125x90 mm zip-lock bags are the perfect size for a pocket filofax – the zip-lock bit sits outside the outer edge of the paper and so doesn’t make the pages stick up! (I bought 10 for £3.99 on eBay – mightily cheaper than “proper” ones!)

I now have two zip-lock envelopes in the filofax – one for vouchers/stamps and one for paper money (as I find the bit behind the card holder difficult to get money out of) and one filofax top-opening envelope. I’ll be putting the guinea fowl back in the front, in the cellophane envelope. Pictures this weekend.


  1. I absolutely love the dividers you have for your Ashton already, especially the elephant one..but I guess now it's going to be more colour-coordinated! The scrapbooking card looks fab! :-)

    1. Ooh - maybe I should change the poll to add in 'leave it as it is'...?
      Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely feedback.

    2. Ah, except I can't change it now there are some votes...
      If people think Leave it as it is, can they say so in the comments please?
      Thank you!!

    3. Haha, I voted for the scrapbooking card but I would probably have voted for 'leave it as it is'...but of course I know how it feels when you constantly want to change the look of your Filo ;) And you're your blog!