Thursday, 23 February 2012

Moved in to the Aston... almost

My, how things change. When I started using a filofax, I wondered how I could ever downsize from an A5 into a personal... and look at me now!

Well, whilst I was away, my inserts from City Organiser came - two top-opening envelopes and a card-holder. I have dutifully moved the other cards across and popped the vouchers, stamps, blah into the top pockets...


...the pockets and card holders barely fit on the rings. The top hole and the bottom hole have the ring jammed up against the outer edge of the hole! As a consequence, they hardly move on the rings. Does anyone else have this problem? I mean, they are so tight, that the holes are slightly distorted by the rings. It's not like I haven't bought the filofax branded stuff so why on earth don't they fit with a bit more ease??

Anyway, I have managed to punch better holes in the top-opening envelopes and now they are moving more freely (I have a rapesco punch - to even attempt to do that with the filofax punch would have been ludicrous since it struggles with two sheets of paper!) but the card-holder was too thick to even get in the hole punch so unless I can find my leather punch, that will have to stay jammed on the back. The top-opening envelopes don't look all that pretty with the holes extended, but at least they move on the rings now!

Re-punched holes: not pretty, but at least they move freely!

Re-punched envelope on left; still jamming on the rings card-holder on right

It might only be a couple of millimetres, but it makes all the difference! Card-holder top; re-punched envelope below

So, although I suppose I have officially moved into it, I have (of course) now gone and bought some other stuff for it. Although the top-opening pockets are okay (now that I have butchered them), I do like having a zip-lock envelope too. After the experience with the envelopes and card-holder, I am blowed if I am going to spend £3 on a filofax one. I once got one for my personal but hated the way the zip sat on the surface rather than being right on the edge, as it made all the pages stick up. So, I have bought some zip-lock envelopes from eBay and will punch holes in the side of them. They were £3.99 for 10 which seems a heck of a lot better value (especially if they will then sit on the rings properly).

Oh, and I bought some more card to play with different dividers.

More pictures and updates next week once it has all arrived.

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  1. I also have problems with my card holder on my pocket Finsbury. I wouldn't say they don't move at all but they certainly get stuck when is their turn to flip. As I put the card holder on the back of the organizer AND the less used cards on the back of it, I barely need to flip the card holder but when I do, YES, it is annoying! I feel your pain!
    Although I have a whole punch, never thought of redoing the wholes! It will certainly solve the problem! hehe