Thursday, 22 March 2012

Poor Ms Aston – I had to intervene…

You see, there were just too many comments on how “stuffed”, “fat”, “round” she was. I know, and you all know that this is how a filofax is meant to be, but, she was starting to get a complex.
“It’s not my fault all the cards make me seem over-filled,” she cried. “I didn’t design that back pocket to be fiddly so that it’s easier to get a note out than to fish around in it for change…”

She has a point.

The reason her rings looked like they were on a “hair-trigger” was partly because the lack of spaces for cards and the design of the card-holder ending up with 4 thicknesses of card right in the middle (not to mention an inability to move on the rings). The zipped pocket is fiddly and I have ended up putting more change in it as it was too hard to get the coins out quickly and easier to break another note.

“So move back to one of us!!” came the voice of the Baroques, from the depths of the desk drawers. “You know you want to…!”

In time, I know I will. I’m still finding having a home-filofax and an everyday-filofax a bit tricky (the home filofax is currently carrying all sorts of things I like to file but don’t need to carry – like lists of things I’ve written about in letters to people, so I don’t repeat myself). I know that at some point I will move back into one of the Baroques (and then I’ll also know where everything is!), but for now, I love my Aston. But she’s getting a weight-complex!

Consequently, I decided to move things around a bit. The cards that are in the card-holder are ones I need to carry, but hardly ever need to look at (car insurance, donor card, some store cards for places that I don’t go to often but if I would be annoyed if I went there and had left the cards behind!). They could move to the zipped pocket if I could move the coins out.
When I flirted with the mini as a wallet, I made a coin-purse from an old freebie I had lying around and an eyelet-punch. Would that fit on the rings of the pocket??


Coin-purse ressurected from the mini-Baroque
So, coins have moved to the coin purse and the store cards, other cards and stamps etc have moved to the zipped pocket (out of the card-holder and one top-opening envelope). As a consequence, Ms Aston is a bit slimmer (honest!!). I could punch another zip-lock envelope and she would be slimmer still but I like that I can use the coin-purse hack.

She is thinner!! Honest!!


  1. I think a fat filo is adorable :) But I recently redid mine too - morbidly obese is quite another thing! LOL

  2. lol, I'm actually surprised that you could close yours.