Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Help me choose the card for my dividers...

I couple of weeks ago, I ran a poll about which card to use in my Aston for new dividers. The poll indicated I should use the Dreamcatcher designs... but which ones?

To help me choose, I am running a new poll. There are three pictures underneath, with the card I like (including the other, non-Dreamcatcher card) and the Aston (to help with colour matching). Each card has a number (1-17). Please vote for your favourite five colours/designs in the poll (five because that's how many dividers I have in the Aston...). They can be any five numbers - if you prefer some of the Dreamcatcher and some of the non-Dreamcatcher, that's fine!

The top five will (probably) be the ones I make my dividers from (although I do exert the right not to have a combination that looks daft!)

Thank you!


  1. I must say I liked the calligraphy dividers very much but if you want to change it up with some colors, I like the second block. I think your Aston is beautiful. I did not expect the orchid to look so nice. The leather texture looks fantastic too. I bet that binder will lay flat in time.

  2. Just voted, but I think they're all lovely & will complement the colour of the Aston beautifully. I kept a gorgeous 2011 calendar to cut up for dividers, so must get round to that. So much more interesting than the standard ones!

  3. Hello Amanda,
    what a great idea to let the readers help you to find the right papers.
    I´m using scrapbooking-papers for my Filo tabs, too.
    Each one of my organisers has got its own dividers (if you would like to look at them - find them in my fotostream in flickr - I´m "-Maus-".
    Good luck with your decision!
    Renate :-)