Sunday, 19 February 2012

Moving into the Aston (part 2 – pictures)

I’m not fully moved in as I’m waiting for a card-holder and some plastic pockets to come, but, as I’m away for a few days, I thought I would share some pictures of the inserts I made etc. Pretty much all of the inserts are home-made by the way.
[The Aston needs some training to lie flat - hence the kitchen weights on the corners!]

First up: Notes.


I printed the picture onto the (home-made) divider, but forgot that I had used a slightly sparkly card and so the ink hasn’t taken quite as well (on any of the dividers) as if I had used normal card. Ah well. All of the pictures on the dividers I have snagged from the web, so apologies to those who own them!
Tucked behind the tab are a few pages of lined paper.

simple lined paper (BUT... FP friendly paper!)

Next up: Goals.

I got this Manifesto from Caribbean Princess’ blog and it’s there to remind me that I only have one life and that I should focus on the things I yearn to do. See this post for more on that…
Behind the goals tab is some To Do paper. 

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the reverse side looks upside down. It’s not that I fed it into my printer wrong – I just like having To Do sheets on the right-hand side and so I deliberately printed them so they always would be. When they're filled up I take them out, flip them over and put them back in. Ta daa!
Then there are my goals to projects to next action sheets. Just the same as I have in the big Cavendish, just re-sized and reprinted onto pocket-size.

Then comes: Diary.

I just love the elephant. It’s there for three reasons – as something I love to look at, something to remind me to look at my diary and not forget things (elephants never forget) and also to remind me to eat my elephants (do the tasks I least want to do to get them done).
The sheets behind follow exactly the same set-up as I am using in my Cavendish: monthly sheets (task-lists from the next-action sheets on the front, with a list of books read and blog posts written on the reverse); 

February books read/blog posts on left; list for current week in February on R

Tasks for next month on the R, weekly review on the reverse of the last week of February's weekly sheet
... then weekly sheets (weekly task-lists with lines on the reverse to do my weekly review on) ; daily sheets (now 2PPD as the pockets is so small – time-boxes on the left; elephant and task-list on the right); 

2PPD layout

...then the remainder of the year of WO2P diary – home-made using the mail-merge thingy. For me, real-estate was the most important so my WO2P is a simple thing! I did two versions – one with the top left space for Notes and this one with the bottom right space for Coming Up. I settled on the Coming Up as being more useful.

SPACE was what I needed - hence the very simple layout
 Next up is: Lists

This is a simpler version of the one in my Cavendish – in there I have packing lists and all sorts of things. All I will have in the pocket is stuff I will need out and about with me – lists of things I’m looking out for; and lists of presents to buy/have bought in the past (so I don’t buy the same thing twice). Other things like packing lists and lists of what I have written about in letters to friends will stay in the Cavendish on my desk as I only need that sort of information when I am at home. I have never gone in for the home-filofax as well as one to take out and about, but there just isn’t space in the Aston and so I have had to consider the concept. It might take some getting used to as currently everything is in the Cavendish!

Last up: Info.

Still embryonic at the moment but it will have personal information for me (next of kin, emergency contacts etc), car insurance details and all the kind of stuff that I could potentially need out and about. Right at the back are names and addresses sheets, currently interleaved behind A-Z dividers but I may free up that space and just have the letters written on the top right-hand corner.

So that’s where I am at the moment. I’ll post again once the pockets/card-holders arrive and I finally work out if this is really possible! I do love the colour and the leather of the Aston, so I hope so!


  1. You are so talented!! I love how you have decorated your inserts/dividers. Al you need now is a purple bag to match!!

  2. @CP
    Thanks! But it's not so much talent, as having a printer that will take small card/paper in the feed!!

  3. I love your set up & the colour of the Aston is gorgeous! I have a purple bag now, but red filofax :)

  4. It look beautiful! Clean and organized, so classy! And the color is gorgeous. I am hoping to get an Aston someday, although I would need to find a use for it first. heehee

  5. Your Aston is absolutely beautiful... it's not just yourself you enable! :)

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm really loving the Aston now. It is a glorious colour and I have amazed myself at being able to downsize into it! To think I struggled long and hard to move from an A5 to a personal!

  7. I love your idea with the To-Do sheets!! It's perfect for people who don't like to write their lists 'over' the rings.

  8. Amanda, what a beautiful Filofax. I love the colour and how you have set it out.

  9. Amanda, your setup looks great.

  10. Amanda - So many great things about this post, thank you for all of your work! I especially like the pages where you track your goals to projects to next action sheets. I'm (finally!) approaching - note the not-yet quality of that verb - the task of establishing a method of tracking projects so that they get done. Many thanks.