Saturday, 18 February 2012

Moving into the Aston (part 1)

Well, I’ve started moving into the pocket Aston. So far, I have created and printed all the inserts I want onto lovely cream Clairefontaine paper (trim an A4 sheet carefully and you can get 5 sheets out of it!) and used my Rapesco punch. Honestly, if I’d had to punch it all using a filofax punch, I would have gone mad. I think that’s why filofax make their hole-punches so rubbish – to persuade you to buy the paper/inserts instead.

The packaging the filofax came in absolutely stank of cigarette smoke and sadly, some of it had permeated the filofax and as I was filling in the diary and so on, the smell was really beginning to get to me so I have already rubbed it over with some of my Sheraton leather balm, which has improved the smell a bit. I suppose I can’t complain – I paid only about 1/3 of the full price and a little airing should sort it.

Anyway, having made my inserts I then started to move the other bits and bobs in. This may of course be the deal-breaker. I may have to rethink the whole year of WO2P in there if the cards take up too much space. I’ve put the 4 main cards in the front slots which has stiffened the whole thing up incredibly! At the moment it’s a bit of a fiddle to get them in and out but I’m hoping the slots will ease up with use (does anyone know from experience whether they do?). I have ordered a card-holder (for the store cards I carry around) and two top-opening pockets (one for vouchers and stamps and things and I’m hoping there’s enough ring space to have my guinea-fowl card in the other one. If not, I suppose I will just have to leave it out). I ordered from City Organiser as there’s free P+P at the moment. Hopefully it will all have arrived by the time I get back from being away over this week. I’ll put the cards and money back into my Cavendish and work out of it until the card-holders and pockets arrive.

Pictures of the inserts and everything soon! [Maybe even tomorrow!]

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  1. Yay sounds like it's all coming together well....can't wait for the next installment