Sunday, 5 February 2017


As many of you may already know, I'm not the kind of person to decorate my planner all that much. I like it fairly clear of decorations, stickers, washi etc. So it might seem surprising for me to be doing a post on washi tape.

I actually have huge numbers of rolls of washi tape! Some of it is patterned and could well be used to decorate a planner, but what I want to focus on today are the kinds of tapes that make up the majority of my collection and what I use them for. In the pictures below, there are some of my new purchases and some that I've had for a while.

Top to bottom in the picture above: "Forest Dreamworld" (20mm), "Bonsai" (20mm), "Lavender fields" (20mm), "Mountains" (15mm), unnamed foil washi (15mm), one of two bookshelves tapes I have (15mm).

Top to bottom in the picture above, the foil washi and the books again, then "Feathers" (15mm), more "Mountains" (different company; 15mm) and some trees (15mm).

Top to bottom in the picture above, a wider bookshelves tape (22mm), "Afternoon tea" (28mm), "Solar System" (15mm) and some weather symbols (15mm).

So, what do I use these beautiful tapes for?

Mostly, I use them to decorate writing paper - a strip along the bottom of a page can really make a blank piece of writing paper come to life. The black and white mountains look particularly good, but all of them will make a sheet look that bit different.

The bookshelves are also used in my notebook to indicate the pages where I've listed the books I want to read. This has a dual function of labelling the pages and making them easy to find in the notebook. If I'd ever managed to get on with bullet journalling, I'd use it in a bullet journal for the same thing.

The only place they have been used in a planner is in the monthly insert where I've used various ones (mostly the afternoon tea ones) to mark off when a month doesn't start on a Monday or end on a Sunday - filling in the spare boxes with washi tape. I would show you but I would have to blank out too much personal stuff.

Some of the other washi tapes I have (that are plain or which have a repeating geometric pattern etc.) get used to label up my writing - both the notebooks (to indicate character notes, plot notes, setting notes etc) and also on the manuscript to mark new chapters or particular strands of the plot, so that I can pull them out and look at them together.
[And yes, before all you people who have a Mac and Scrivener tell me that I can do this in Scrivener, let me remind you that I'm basically an analogue lass who works better with printed pages laid out on the dining room table, and that the PC version of Scrivener is nowhere near as useful as the Mac one!]

What do others use washi for, other than decorating their planner?

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