Saturday, 11 February 2017

Papio Press Postcards - Review

I know - it's been a bit of a buying and reviewing splurge. As I said, I've finished editing the book!

Anyway, today I want to review some more stuff from Papio Press - no affiliation, just a happy customer.

A few days ago, I reviewed their A6 notebooks. Today, it's the turn of their motivational postcards. They do lots of gorgeous postcards (see the full range here) but I especially liked these. I write to a number of people (and by 'write' I mean snail-mail!) as well as participate in Postcrossing, so am always on the look-out for lovely postcards. Well, they arrived yesterday!

The package had a couple of Papio stickers on it and there were two extra postcards in the packet - one thanking me for supporting local business and the other giving me a discount off my next order. You'll understand why there's a pencil obscuring the code - order something and get your own!
[click on any picture to enlarge]

The package: lovely stickers; less happy about Jiffy bag -
not easy to recycle them
Lovely postcard
Reverse of the 'small business' postcard
Another lovely image
Reverse. Code deliberately obscured - get your own!

I ordered two packs of the motivational cards. There are 8 cards in a pack - two of each design. They are printed on 300gsm recycled card and have a matte satin finish.

Image from Papio Press site (with permission)

I just love them! The designs are beautiful and the card is fabulous to write on. I think I will frame the one that says "You are stronger then you know" and have it on my desk as a daily reminder, as well as possibly the one reminding me that "Good things take time".

I can heartily recommend Papio Press. My only disappointment is that on the little postcard about the stationery, there are some other notebooks that look wonderful (and that I want!) and I can't find them on the site... 😞

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