Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Some days, you just have to throw the list away

I had great plans for this week but a series of sleepless nights have thrown them into total disarray. Exhaustion and creativity are not natural bed-fellows it would seem and stress over the fact that I still have not got either a diagnosis nor any treatment for my dysrhythmia (coupled with some new health issues...) has sapped any remnants of desire to do pretty much anything.

I've thrown away my list for the week and have decided that above all else, this week my focus should be me. Not the house, the garden, my book or any of the other things I thought I might have done this week. Just me.

I'm reading blogs, I'm napping, I'm browsing stationery, I'm buying (more) stationery, I'm writing to friends, I'm reading books, I'm watching TV or listening to the radio... whatever I want to, basically! Much as all the things on my list of next actions were progressing personal goals, this week I just need to chill and accept that none of these things are going to happen. I can label it as 'sharpening the saw' if I want, but really, it's just putting me top of the list.


  1. Likewise I've been laid low with some unknown lurgy for the last 36 hours, feeling back to my usual self now... playing catch up!

    1. Hope you're feeling better soon, Steve! Don't try to cram in 36 'missed' hours though - say no to some of it?