Sunday, 19 April 2015

New washi

As part of my "buying stationery because I feel miserable" splurge, I bought 3 rolls of washi from Fox and Star.

Fox and Star is a site that reminds me of The Lovely Desk and they sell similar items, though I think Fox and Star sell more types of washi than The Lovely Desk.

Anyway, the three rolls that I bought are:

1. 'Noar' Animal Shinzi Katoh washi tape

This is the washi tape version of the die-cut tape I got from The Lovely Desk (which the observant amongst you will have seen decorating the memo section of my diary). There is a selection of very sweet animals on the tape, although my favourites are still the giraffe, the elephants and the donkey. I'm sad that the tape is narrower than the pattern and that the lions and elephants are cropped at the top. Compare it with the die-cut version:

Also, both chickens face the same way, as do both of the elephants (although the lions don't, which they did in the die-cut version). Overall, I prefer the die-cut tape.

2. 'Pandasan' Shinzi Katoh washi tape

The Pandas look a bit like they've just slipped on the ice and fallen over, but are very sweet.

3. 'A wash' Elephant Shinzi Katoh washi tape

Not sure they look all that much like elephants, but it's quite sweet.

I've been using them to decorate the memo part of my WO2P diary and they do cheer the otherwise somewhat severe-looking pages!

Delivery was both very reasonable (£1.65 for all of the tapes together) and prompt - they arrived by first class post - and the tapes came in a little, stripy paper bag inside the Jiffy-bag.

All in all I'm pleased with them and with the company. Go check them out - they have some really nice stuff!

[I am in no way affiliated with Fox and Star - I'm just a happy customer]

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