Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Poorly... therefore I've been buying stationery!

I do it every time! I see that I'm doing it. I know that I am reaching for the washi and the rubber stamps and another Filofax and all that simply because I am feeling dreadful, but I just can't stop!

So, after a(nother) health shocker at the end of last week, I have felt pretty rubbish and so bought:
a new (to me) compact Filofax
a set of 25 small rubber stamps
some coloured ink pads


I mean, why other than because I felt shite?

Well, as I said in my last post, I like my compact de Villiers but it's getting worn and I like the compact Cavendish but it doesn't lie flat enough for me and so I thought I'd give another compact a whirl. I know a willing recipient in Dublin who will no doubt take it off my hands if it doesn't work out (hey, G! *wave*).

As for the stamps and ink pads - I realised that my diary can sometimes look dull on the days when I do manage to get a good writing day in, because all that is written on the left-hand side of the page is "writing day". The right-hand side of the day gets filled up with the day's to-do, but the left-hand side is kept for appointments and I only tend to get good writing days when I don't have my days broken up by appointments. So I bought the rubber stamps and inks so that at the end of the day, when I am reviewing and ticking off things, I can stamp the page. If I stamp the pages before the end of the day, my diary will look too cluttered!
[by the way, at the moment, a 'good writing day' is one in which I write anything]

This week - dull 'writing day' on the left
(busy on the RHS!)

When the stamps and ink arrive I will see how the day looks with a giant book stamped in gold across it! Something's got to cheer me up!


  1. *Hugs* So hoping you'll catch a break soon! You're really going through the mill, but hang in there! I know what you mean, there's nothing like feeling rubbish to make me start browsing over again :/ Sending lots of love, anyway <3

    1. Thank you!!
      I phoned up my specialist's secretary today to find out that he's seeking advice from another chap as to wtf to do with me. :-(
      More stationery...? Think so!!