Saturday, 6 October 2012

My filofaxes – where are they now? (part 2)

In part 1, I described why I had bought all of the A5 filofaxes I own and what they are being used for now. Almost all of them are in use, I am pleased to say.
The same cannot be said about the collection of Personal sized filofaxes I own! Where are they? Well, the quick answer for almost all of them is “In the bottom drawer of the bureau in here.”
So, if I’m not really using most of them, why did I buy them in the first place? And why aren’t they in use? (and um, again, why aren’t I selling them??)

Here we go!

Personal Size

Pink Baroque
Why did I buy it?
Because it’s gorgeous! In fact, this is what I said when I bought them:
Because they were there, they were lovely, they were in the sale and because you just never know…
I did move into the personal baroque and I used it a lot. I loved it. I still love it. Of all the personal size filofaxes I own, I keep on coming back to the baroques. I blogged about it here, here and here.
Where is it now?
In a box in the bottom drawer of the bureau. Why? Because I moved into a Mulberry instead of using the baroque, because the page size suits me better.

Blue Baroque
Why did I buy it?
See answer above! I love the blue baroque as much as the pink. More on some days.
Where is it now?
In a box in the bottom drawer of the bureau.

I can still see me moving back into the baroque(s) though, so I am not selling them. For most of the other filofaxes, I either never used them as my day-to-day filofax or I stopped for some other reason. The baroques were always the ones I wanted to use the most though.

Green Portland
Why did I buy it?
It’s British Racing Green. Seriously. I knew nothing about Portlands. I saw a green filofax on eBay and got it for about a tenner. Once I got it, I really liked it. It’s used as my Chimwemwe filofax (see here). It would work well as a day-to-day filofax too (and in fact, another member of my Rotary club has the exact same style/colour which he uses as his wallet!).
Where is it now?
In a bookcase next to my desk. I use it frequently.

Black Cavendish
Why did I buy it?
It’s a Cavendish. It has ginormous rings and a zillion card-holders. I blogged about it here, here and here.
Where is it now?
In the bottom drawer of the bureau. I may use it again – the ring space was fantastic. I stopped using it because I’m not such a fan of the black and full, it was pretty heavy, but I don’t think I will sell it.

Purple Finchley
Why did I buy it?
I really like the A5 Finchleys I have, and there was a purple one on sale at City Organiser.
Where is it now?
Who knows?? I hated it so much, it went straight back to City Organiser! (see here)

Grape domino
Why did I buy it?
It came free with a Gourmet card (well, that’s what I told my DH!). In all honesty, I quite fancied the Gourmet card and as I bought it later in the year, it was on sale. We did get our money’s worth out of the card but I have always hated the filofax and have never used it as a day-to-day filofax.
Where is it now?
In the bottom drawer of the bureau, storing spare inserts and bits and bobs. I would happily sell this, except it’s not worth enough to cover the postage probably. If anyone’s interested, let me know!

Brown Holborn
Why did I buy it?
I read several reviews and liked the fact it had so many pockets etc. The layout in general appealed. I blogged about it here and here.
Where is it now?
Oh for goodness’ sake… it’s in the massive filofax party in the bottom sodding drawer of the bureau!  
Why did I stop using it? Well, although I did like using it, it was just too dull a colour and in the summer, with all the rain, I needed a colour pop. Some of the pockets turned out to be less useful than I imagined too. I’m torn as to whether to sell it or not. Knowing me, I won’t!

I’m actually saddened that so many of my filofaxes are in a drawer, but I genuinely a) can’t think of another use for them and b) don’t want to sell most of them.
The same might not be so true for the stash of pocket filofaxes, which I will cover in the next post.


  1. You have brightened a day that started not great and has progressivly imploded as I have staggered along. I have laughed outright ... but with you not at you. I don't have quite so many filofaxes as I have branched out into planners in general. I have used most of my hiding places for my wool and fabric stash, I haven't bothered to hide my paper crafting stash and I am hoping that the planner stash will never be noticed under the wool/fabric/papercraft disguise. Looking forward to the pocket review :)

  2. @skybluepinkish
    Glad to have brightened your day!! Hope it gets better after what sounds like a bad one!
    The pocket review will come soon.

  3. "Oh for goodness’ sake… it’s in the massive filofax party in the bottom sodding drawer of the bureau!"

    HAHAHA! Sorry, that part just had me cracking up! If you're unused filos are having a party in a drawer then mine are probably partying in the bookcase. XD; hehe! Thanks! You've brightened my day!

    1. Glad to brighten your day! There really is one heck of a party going on in there!

  4. *your...

    and my iPhone immedately soured it again with its sub-par grammar... *sigh*

    *still giggling from the party comment*