Sunday, 14 October 2012

Why am I looking at another organiser??

I’ve just done a series on “Where are my filofaxes now?” (A5, personal, pocket and mini) so why have I been looking at this: (image taken from the Amazon site)

Collins Rochester from
It’s a personal-size Collins Rochester (Mr Rochester, anyone?). The dimensions given are 4cm x 15.6cm x 19.3cm. To compare, my Baroque is 4cm x 13cm x 18.5cm (roughly). So (enabler alert here…) if the Collins is the same ring-spacing as a standard filofax, but is >2cm wider, won’t it take the Franklin inserts really well???

Okay, more enabling

The planner is listed as leather and to me, the layout of the inside front cover looks great – enough space for cards (I count 7 slots), with an outward-facing pocket (which I loved on my Holborn) and another, inward-facing pocket which looks like it is placed slightly more usefully than the one in the Holborn (which was too close to the rings for easy access). I can’t quite see the back cover but there looks to be a small pocket to put a packet of stamps in at least…

Hmm… to summarise then:
  • it looks like it would hold both standard filofax inserts and also the wider Franklin Planner inserts
  • it is made of leather
  • it has some sensible pockets on the inside cover
  • it has a useful 7 card slots
  • there may be other surprise pockets on the inside back cover
  • it costs less than a plastic filofax
Does anyone have one of these?? Is it as useful as it looks?

Should I be utterly fickle and get one, so soon after I have been extolling my love for the Mulberry?? There’s a poll on the side for your votes!!

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  1. I have something similar, made by Collins Debden (Australia). My one is zipped, and has a different card slot setup, but it's fantastic.
    The rings themselves are much thicker and feel sturdier than Filofax rings - but the spacing is slightly different, so your inserts may not fit without stretching the holes a bit.