Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My filofaxes – where are they now? (part 3)

In part 1, I described why I had bought all of the A5 filofaxes I own and what they are being used for now. Almost all of them are in use, I am pleased to say.
The same couldn’t be said about the collection of Personal sized filofaxes I own, which I covered in part 2!
So what about the Pocket-sized filofaxes and the mini that I own?

Pocket sized

Aston in Orchid
Why did I buy it?
I bought it because it had 19mm rings and reasonable pocket format and I wondered if I could down-size to a pocket from a personal. In fact, I did use this for several months, but it proved just too small once summer started. I blogged about it here, here and here. And probably in other places too... (like here).
Where is it now?
In the bottom drawer of the bureau. I’m not sure if I will sell it or not. I did like using it, but it was always pretty stuffed!

Black Portland
Why did I buy it?
I bought it because I wondered about down-sizing and it seemed to have a good layout of pockets and so on. I never used it though. The 15mm ring size was too small.
Where is it now?
My DH uses it! See here.

Black Cavendish
Why did I buy it?
Same reasons as other pockets – I thought about down-sizing into it but then felt it was too small. The back slot for paper money made it a better candidate than others but the 15mm ring size defeated me. I did a compare and contrast of these three pocket-filofaxes here.
Where is it now?
With all the others, in the bottom drawer of the bureau. I may well sell it.

Black Baroque
Why did I buy it?
It was being discontinued and I adore my personal size baroques. Just a shame it was in black. It has a good selection/layout of pockets (apart from the zipped pocket) but doesn’t have the back slot that is useful for paper money. It does however have 19mm rings. I reviewed it here.
Where is it now?
Still in its box, in the bottom drawer. In the same week, I bought the Mulberry agenda and moved into that instead. Of all the pockets, this is the one most likely to be used.

Mini Baroque in Pink
Why did I buy it?
It was on sale and I didn’t know better.
I used it (briefly) as a wallet and for that, it was okay, but not great. Worse than carrying a proper wallet and a notebook. I blogged about it here.
Where is it now?
Oh, you can surely guess! Where are most of them???
I am contemplating selling it. I honestly can’t imagine using it again – the layout was all a bit odd for me and it seems daft to keep it just because it matches the personal sized baroque!

So, there you have it! The whole, shameful story in three parts. Am I a lost cause? Are there others out there just like me? Is there any hope for us???

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  1. I have absolutely adored this series of blogs. I have several Filofaxes and I keep saying this is my last one then I find a great deal and I get sucked back in.