Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New filofax and top tabs

Here she is!!
Still in packaging!

I have to say, the service from WHSmiths was excellent - I only ordered this on Friday afternoon and she was here last night. (I had been hoping she would come today as I am off work and so DH wouldn't see the parcel, but I sneaked it past him anyway. Cunning ploy to now have two identical filofaxes - he hasn't spotted that the contents are different. Hee hee hee!)

Interior view. Diary and other bits now for sale!

So, now to get on with the tabs...
All my card arrived yesterday too. I was a bit disappointed with some of it - the colour wasn't quite what I wanted and the mirror-card was not at all what I expected. A bit too shiny and two patterns on one sheet of A4 (whereas I was expecting them on separate sheets). Nevermind.

Getting ready for the top tabs...

As I said in an earlier post, I had decided to do top tabs so as to be able to get 2 dividers out of one sheet of A4. I had really liked the hearts card but of course, the hearts would be sideways if I chopped the card in half. Instead I have gone for the floral pattern (on the left in the picture above) and the 'hammered' card (no - not drunk - kind of embossed).
I measured what sort of height a tab might be and marked the punch to show where the card had to be to have this tab-height poking out of the top. I thought I would use 6 tabs in total - notes, plot, timeline, scenes, character dossiers, things to check. I haven't labelled the tabs yet - partly because I want to be sure of the order before doing anything permanent, but also because I want to write the labels in using a silver pen (and I don't currently have one). Oh, and don't get me started on the filofax punch. How can filofax make something that is SO rubbish?? In mine, the paper circles don't fall out of the punch bit, but just build up into a layer, so that even when you take the base off to empty it, they don't fall out but have to be picked out with a pair of fine forceps! And to punch through even thinnish card, I have to support almost all of my weight onto the punch! Anyway, I managed in the end.

Top tabs all made

As you can see in the picture above, the colour of the card is more red than the ultraviolet of the filofax and I was initially a bit disappointed but actually, once the tabs are inside, the contrast with the lining of the filofax (and the colour showing in the window of the ID slot inside) looks fabulous!

Looking luscious!
Open at the scene planning section
As you can see, I have my trusty Osmiroid fountain pen tucked into one pen-loop and a bic biro tucked in the other. I have gone for white inserts in this filofax as the cream paper looked a bit bleugh next to the purple. Even normal copier paper is better quality than filofax paper though!

All in all, I am really pleased with this!


  1. Wow - you're up to all sorts of divilment these days. To save you the googling, tis an Irish term for general mischievousness or shenanigans.

    I wondered about the chunky pen in your picture (had thought maybe Namiki Bamboo) until you revealed all in the last plot twist.

    And then you mentioned the BIC *shudder*

    Take a look at the all-time funniest online review of anything, ever by going to amazon uk and searching for "bic biro" - the one to look for is written by Matt Williams.

    I've resigned myself to using only Pilot G2 and Frixion ink refills in my Filofaxes. Their paper just does not work with fountain pens - the FSC certified diary has massive bleed-through, while the highly glazed lined paper keeps all the ink on one side but spreads it into a massive line width. Rollerball ink is almost worse, but fortunately the G2 refills fit many Waterman and Stipula pens, so mini-hurrah!

    Wave to your DH, although by the sound of the things he'll never find out about this blog :)

  2. That bic review is just priceless. I think Alison R (Philofaxy lady) told me about it a while back. I need to go and look at it again!
    The bic... well, what can I say!? I don't really like the hexagonal barrel (or what it does to my handwriting) but it's there 'for emergencies' - like if my FP runs out!
    Namiki Bamboo?? Tell me more?

  3. Well I made a bit of a bags of that. What I had in mind was the *Pilot* Bamboo fountain pen - this one.....


    Pilot and Namiki are related brands, and I thought the stout midriff and blunt ends of your Osmiroid looked similar.

    Consider yourself well and truly enabled :)

  4. Ooh. What a gorgeous pen! Bit out of my price range sadly. Do you have one? What's it like?

  5. No Bamboo here, but I do have a Namiki Falcon which has a lovely flexible nib.

    My current daily fountain pen is a Stipula Ocean Blue in herringbone celluloid, which is a nice match for my current Filofax. I use it in everything *except* the Filofax because of the paper quality.

    For the Filo itself I use a Stipula rollerball pen fitted with a Pilot G2 gel ink refill, which I find gives a smooth line and minimal bleed-through. I'll post some photos on the Yahoo group site :)

  6. Oh, I'd love to see the pics. Sadly I have given up on the whole Yahoo things as I log in and it says welcome back Amanda and then it doesn't let me into any of the members' area stuff. I can read the messages but not contribute or see any of the other stuff. Ho hum.
    Do you have any pictures on Flickr or anywhere?

  7. I've just sent them on by email.

  8. I love this card, can I be cheeky and ask where you ordered it from?

  9. @Lostwithoutyou
    I got it from eBay UK from the seller "mycrafttoyou". Just looked and they are still selling it, and they were great - quick to send and well packed. The card is lovely. Hope you manage to get some.