Saturday, 15 October 2011

Top tabs update

Bought a Zebra silver gel pen so I could do the labels on my top tabs (2-pack of silver and gold, £2 in Tescos). Aren't they pretty!?
And just for Gerard I replaced the bic for my Parker italic (even though the case clashes hideously with the purple!).
All labelled up! Parker italic (clashing hideously with the purple) just for Gerard!

Close up of the loveliness!


  1. An inspired - even noble - colour pairing :)

  2. I know - a very Imperial purple! I love it!

  3. The purple card looks fabulous. Where did you buy it?

  4. @fluffyferret
    I bought it from eBay UK. Do a search on 'purple card' and it should come up in the (many) hits.
    Let me know if you can't find it.

  5. Thank you!
    Is it the Kanban A4 purple backing card?

  6. No, it was the "10 A4 mixed purple card" by the shop mycrafttoyou, but the seller is away at the moment (according to eBay).
    That said, the kanban stuff may be just as nice or even nicer! There are some gorgeous card stocks out there! Every time I look I see something else I want! :-)

  7. Found the shop and added it to my favourites for when the seller returns. Thank you again!
    Some lovely card stock online all too tempting :o)