Sunday, 30 October 2011

Filofax dividers

I've been posting a bit about making my own dividers for my filofaxes (with some more posts still to come!) and I wondered - how common is it for us all to do this? So - there is a poll on the side for you to let me know! Also, why not leave a comment saying why you do/don't make your own and a link to any pics??
Poll closes on November 14th - vote away!


  1. Hi there :)
    I enjoy reading your posts! I just saw your post link on the Philofaxy web finds and funny enough I just uploaded a post yesterday about different tabs I have made (with pics;))! I need colours when I am looking at my schedule for the day :p and I don't find that with their dividers so I make my own. Find it therapeutic too when I TRY to 'make stuff'. Can't wait to see yours :)

  2. i make new tabs when i get bored with the old ones. i tend to like solid colours so i try to look for textured papers. also - i tend to want to reduce reduce reduce and i felt like 6 tabs were excessive so i made 3. then i didn't like those so i made 4. next i'm going to make a set of 5 just to have it heh heh. i did actually make another set of 6 in this really really pretty green so i'm gonna have to get more green to make a set of 4! it's all good tho. i like making them. i have pics in flickr of black ones. i'll try and take more pics of the others this weekend

  3. Hi, I've started making some as it makes my filo feel more mine, if that makes sense.
    My first attempt are here:
    And I've since made some more in prettier card.
    @ Snarling - know exactly what you mean as I know only have 4 as 6 felt excessive.

  4. @Minnie
    Just scooted over to your blog - the dividers look great! And I know what you mean about being therapeutic making things!
    That's so funny about 3 then 4 then 5! The Goldilocks number of dividers! I also think that I fiddle with my dividers because I really love my filofax and don't want to buy any more, but I do want a bit of a change!
    Been over to Flickr. Very nice! Let me know when you've put more pics up?

  5. Amanda Thank you :) I agree I keep needing change so I keep changing the dividers , unfortunately it's not stopping me from buying more filofaxes! I think I still haven't found exactly what I want! and Also like Anita says, it helps make them look more mine than some standard thing I bought.. I like colour and variety and options!