Wednesday, 10 October 2018

What diary to use in 2019?

I know... it's barely October! And I don't normally have things planned hugely in advance, but we have just booked our summer holidays for 2019 and I'm feeling a bit twitchy that other than scribbling them down on the 'forward planner' bit I've created on the inside cover of my current diary, I have nowhere to put them down! I don't even have a wall calendar for 2019 and I'm sure magazines (like Country Living etc) have included them with the magazines by now.

Anyway, it's got me thinking about what to use for 2019. I currently have three options, though I may throw in a fourth just for shits and giggles.

1. Keep going with my standard-size Traveller's Notebook
2. Move to my B6 Traveller's Notebook
3. Move to a Field Notes size TN
4. Go back to using a Filofax

1. Keep going with my standard-size Traveller's Notebook
This is by far the easiest option. I have blank diaries already (Traveler's Company 018, though looking online at them now, mine have a different layout. Mine have all days with their own column and a blank column at the far RHS for notes). I also have the blank diaries, card-holder and the zipped insert etc. and all I would need to do is label up the blank diaries ready for next year and on January 1st, swap them in.

2. Move to my B6 TN
Hmm. Tempting, not least because I have a fabric wallet insert for this, and the TN is bright pink and I could do with a colour-pop at this time of year. I don't currently have a diary for it, although I have designed one and am thinking about printing it out. It would have the same format as the current week to view (vertical). I could also draw a version out as I have plenty of dot-grid paper (though printing might be quicker if I have the design right!). But... even though it's probably the same footprint as the regular TN, it now feels larger (it's shorter but wider). I suspect once I started using it, it would be fine.

3. Move to a Field Notes size TN
I have two - one is the undyed beauty I got from Meadowgate Leather. It started out very pale:

 But this is it now...

It's the colour of boiled condensed milk!

I also have another one that is navy blue, with white stitching, which I bought secondhand. To be honest, I've not fallen in love with it and it's sat in a drawer since I got it. I suspect I will sell it soon.

I would actually really like to move to the undyed one and it would be relatively easy as I have a gazillion notebooks that would fit in it, and I made myself a card holder. I've even ordered a cheap, vertical diary to slot in. Okay, Saturday and Sunday share a column in it, but it would probably be okay because I don't have many things booked in on the weekends. Can I make Field Notes size work for diary and wallet? Hmm... Maybe.

4. Go back to using a Filofax
This isn't really a serious contender as I would want to use a vertical week to view, the way I did a million years ago when I still used a Filofax, and the ones available in the UK are not what I want (though you can get them in France...). If I did go back to one, it would probably be one of the Baroques I have (NO, I'm still not selling any of them. Don't waste your breath asking), or a Portland, or possibly a slimline. They all have a number of card slots and a zipped pocket in the cover. I sometimes think about going back to them - their footprint is similar to the TN and there is perhaps more flexibility with being able to remove pages and keep it lighter. But, they are heavy and the rings get in the way. Every now and then I wonder, though.

I genuinely don't know which way to go with this. I may wait and see what the Field Notes size diary is like when it gets here. The B6 is tempting, but I would really want to be sure, before drawing out/printing up a diary for it. I may just stick with the regular size TN after all, and maybe order another one from Meadowgate Leather, but bright red, so I have the colour pop!! Any excuse!


  1. While I don't use a TN (but love them), I have found my planner peace with a Hobonichi. This will be my 3rd year using it and I love it. I know the problem you are facing and feel for you.

    1. I'm still none the wiser... Glad you've found peace with your Hobonichi. I don't use enough day-per-page days to warrant getting one but I do know lots of people swear by them.
      Thanks for stopping by!